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  1. i could do that hollie. ..so, which do you think would be a better venue for it...the cemetery, the prison or the nut house?..thats where most of em are now
  2. well..he looks like he's having a good time..
  3. great pics, thanks for sharing.. im assuming tommy tunes is the dude with that hat..but who is the funny dude behind him?
  4. fb = a place to bitch , brag , and plant fake crops in a fake garden..dont go there very often, but checked to see what all the hoopla is about...looks like the same ole, same ole to me.
  5. went to the 5th year reunion...sucked...didnt go to the 10th, but heard it sucked too..no one bothered to try to organize another one till the 30th year..about 3 people showed up..
  6. "And then teach our boys to be that kind of a man" thats where it all starts
  7. nope, LOL...but it woulda been as usual , a day late and a dollar short
  8. its no secret that i live in a state of confusion..its says so right there on my profile and im not trying to be facetious for once, but i could have sworn that i read that he died years ago...maybe a different guy with same name anyhoo, either way, sad news, sad news.
  9. S_O_L

    "Autumn Leaves"

    well, i tell ya ira.. .its my very most favorite time of the year..then spring....you can have those other two seasons
  10. not quite as slow as molasses, but close
  11. ya mean, no one will smack your hand with a ruler or make ya stand in the corner for saying yippy skippy doo dah?
  12. poor thing.... ya know, my mother raised 6 kids , mother in law 12, both without a reality show, and guess what? we ALL survived. kate needs to get out there and plant herself a garden and feed those yunguns.
  13. haaaaa...but ya know whats strange? here in the heart of redneck country you see all kinds of old clunkers still on the road...but i never see a shitvette.. ok.....so fess up...you miss the rambler american too, dont ya? LOL boxy , but not so good.
  14. well.....enquiring minds want to know..did it work or not?
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