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  1. youre speaking in riddle?...so someone who really likes johnny mathis got hitched?.. still no clue
  2. never know when you might need a ukelele
  3. awww.....believe me, i do understand about the somedays that never come. you just have to make today your someday. oh wow, the train stories bring back so many memories..during my dads military days, when he was stationed stateside, he would go ahead of us and arrange for a place to live , then we would follow by train...my poor mother..travelling by train with 5 kids..can you imagine? i can recall going to texas (ft hood) by train..some old wino gave me a quarter every time he passed by me..by the time we got to texas i had 5 bucks...haaaa....fun times
  4. ive seen him pokin his head out from behind the curtains a few times recently. .shoot he may be here now for all ya know
  5. heard mr. eric singing make me lose control in the produce aisle at the grocery store yesterday
  6. 199 bucks would buy a boat load of krispy kremes, missm
  7. ok...i looked it up...ya knew i would.. wouldnt have a clue as to where to get buckwheat groats. learn sompin new everyday, everyday
  8. she was 75? wow, where does time go? sad news.
  9. well good grief, charlie brown..you sure opened a can of worms with this thread didn't ya? glad to hear things are turning around for you
  10. well, heres wishing you a wonderful new year
  11. omg, what a mug.. but seriously, dont know bout where you are, but the fall months are a dangerous time to take a stroll in the woods... forget the wild animals, beware of the hunters. dont wear white in the woods.
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