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  1. fixed it for ya.... yeah i liked that too
  2. S_O_L

    Autumn Weekend!!

    weathers been absolutely crazy here all week..felt more like february than october...a little more normal this morning..good junkin weather, which is exactly what i did..went junkin
  3. are you by any chance running vista? have heard a lot of folks complain about the same problem and they are all running vista...i have the same problem on my puter which has vista installed. no problem at all with my other one which runs windows 7...go figure
  4. well, i tell ya...its after midnight here and there are 128 invisible groupies hididng behind the curtain over there >>> that ought to tell ya sompin
  5. cool...yall have fun and yes post pics
  6. ok , dont want to sound accusatory..but how the hell do you NOT know a stranger is your house?
  7. well, ill tell ya...ive raised enough yunguns in my lifetime.. for the first 5 years of his life , jethro thought his name was quit, stop and don't. when the grands start bickering and pickin at one another i say dont look , don't touch..dont even breathe in one anothers direction!
  8. 99.7 % positive feed back
  9. yo-k....so is he doing his invisible dude routine or whut?
  10. how bout "give him back his pencil" and "stop looking at him"
  11. ira dont ya know, elementary school aged kids are the most entertaining? have fun
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