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  1. S-O-L...I disagree...exercise sucks the way doin' a hard day's work sucks...It's painful while you're doin' it...but you feel great...AND proud after doin' it...IMHO!

    well OK ira..its your god given right as a red blooded american to disagree with me..LOL

    but i dont feel GREAT or PROUD after WORK or EXERCISE.. i just feel TARD! smile

    (that would be tired in yankee speak )

  2. Eric Carmen said:

    Hi everyone. Sorry for not being around much. I've been bogged down with divorce court, attorneys and taking good care of my kids. It's been a trying time, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel, and I think things are going to work out fine.

    glad to see you found your password!

    hate to hear all that, divorce is such a sad thing..but yes there is always a light at the end of the tunnel....so "reach for the light"..and best of luck to you.

  3. (1) Hardly anybody on this board attended the show - there were just a small number of us there. (2) From comments I received via PMs here and/or messages/posts on Facebook, it appeared that those who were unable to attend, really wanted to hear the details from the show.

    B I N G O! and bingo was his nameO

    yeah, the rest of us losers just wanna hear that it was a blast..not an arm chair

    psychoanalysis grin

    no, that wasnt fair of me to assume the same for all the other losers here, but it is true for THIS loser ...SOUND BETTER? crazy

  4. My husband would definitely choose Daniel Boone. Mine would be "The Rifleman" or "Gunsmoke".

    lori, ya ever notice that on all those old shows , no matter how rustic or how grand the living

    conditions, they all had the same daggum dishes?...blue willow

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