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    omg...that is so HOT
  2. S_O_L


    well OK ira..its your god given right as a red blooded american to disagree with me..LOL but i dont feel GREAT or PROUD after WORK or EXERCISE.. i just feel TARD! (that would be tired in yankee speak )
  3. S_O_L


    ah, a kindred spirit..no meds for this old lady either..course i could prolly use some give a damn pills fixin to go get my "workout" over with here in a few..oh joy
  4. glad to see you found your password! hate to hear all that, divorce is such a sad thing..but yes there is always a light at the end of the tunnel....so "reach for the light"..and best of luck to you.
  5. well, as afraid as you are to ask, im just as afraid to tell you...course , i dont see it as a bad thing..cause i really like drew carey
  6. you've got one beautiful baby there miriam
  7. good grief...ive had roids that lasted longer than that marriage
  8. well, i quite enjoyed that, wendy and tommy tune...yes i did. anyone tell you that you sorta look like someone else tommy?
  9. S_O_L


    well...someone has to say it...EXERCISE SUCKS i get enough exercise at work, aint wasting my weekends with unnecessary movements...
  10. well..its like this...i can tolerate any creature,as long as it belongs to someone else..dont want anything hangin around that eats or poops
  11. B I N G O! and bingo was his nameO yeah, the rest of us losers just wanna hear that it was a blast..not an arm chair psychoanalysis no, that wasnt fair of me to assume the same for all the other losers here, but it is true for THIS loser ...SOUND BETTER?
  12. good gravy...this thread made my old ass tired... some of you folks suck the fun right out of being a RASPBERRY fan edit..not referring to you darlene...excellent response..im referring to the folks who have to analyze every freakin thing to death
  13. i'll take lost password for 300 alex
  14. sure is good to see the highway angel man posting again
  15. omg...high chapparal had the sexiest daggum men
  16. im thinking the prop guy only had one set of dinner ware..lol lee majors as heath barkley...yu uh um
  17. lori, ya ever notice that on all those old shows , no matter how rustic or how grand the living conditions, they all had the same daggum dishes?...blue willow
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