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  1. I know what you mean, I think Curlew... Like when a woman who has been married a long time loses the husband... divorce or death, regardless... and lives vicariously through her kids and/or grandkids to sort of keep her family-fantasy alive... even when cultivating a new relationship. Her sense of history and worth was/is tied there and she has difficulty pruning the tree... or sprouting a new set of "roots"...

    And no... "pruning the tree" is not a euphanism for "trimming the bush"... :yikes:

    1. divorce is a choice..death isnt...dont compare the two.

    2. stop gushing over bobby vee

    3. dont use the word passions so freely...its a turn off

    especially when your only passion seems to be gushing

    over bobby vee

  2. ramble on miriam....theres nothing wrong with large families.

    my parents had 6..5 of their own and one adopted...inlaws had 12..9 of their own and 3 adopted.. paternal grandmother also had 12...and we all survived just fine...LOL

    to me there is nothing more pitiful than an only child..what a lonely existence that must be

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