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  1. S_O_L

    Dating At 50+

    bagged 3 birds with one stone
  2. S_O_L

    Dating At 50+

    well , what do ya know...looks like i did...and thats My passion
  3. S_O_L

    Dating At 50+

    1. divorce is a choice..death isnt...dont compare the two. 2. stop gushing over bobby vee 3. dont use the word passions so freely...its a turn off especially when your only passion seems to be gushing over bobby vee
  4. i'm sure she was...there is a reason they are called "GRAND mothers"
  5. ya know what they say miriam....GOTTA GETTA GUND! if i had time , id make the little fellar a quilt...maybe for his first birthday
  6. your granny sounds like....well....ME
  7. S_O_L


    a good cup of coffee and a cigarrette does it for me...i know, i know... but its true
  8. i feel your pain diane.....been there , done that..sucks.. but hopefully you will be settled in and enjoying your new home soon
  9. you wouldnt be the first to disagree with me tracy,...haaaa...love ya anyway though
  10. S_O_L

    Has it....

    it will be alright miriam
  11. S_O_L

    Has it....

    and thats how you know you are OLD...31 years seems like yesterday
  12. ramble on miriam....theres nothing wrong with large families. my parents had 6..5 of their own and one adopted...inlaws had 12..9 of their own and 3 adopted.. paternal grandmother also had 12...and we all survived just fine...LOL to me there is nothing more pitiful than an only child..what a lonely existence that must be
  13. im thinking it will be like the run on the ipad when it first came out....ill just stay here and let all the cuttin edge folks go ahead of me...LOL
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