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  1. men who shave their chests..or legs or whatever it is they shave these days im my day, a hairy chest signified a "real man"..dont like pierced ears on a man or tattoos..might look cute when you're young, but ridiculous on someone in their 80's
  2. if i named them all, it would turn into a year long festival but this is a few beatles grateful dead 3 dog night grass roots the who raspberries tommy james and the shondells blood sweat and tears santana eagles wings creedance clearwater allman brothers marshall tucker band doobie brothers tempations cornelius brothers and sister rose james taylor carole king cat stevens
  3. i just feel so sad for poor ole john
  4. S_O_L


    i dont get it either. oh well, to each his own.
  5. so much junk on tv these days, the only thing worth watching are the commercials
  6. thanks rach..learn sompin new everyday dont we?
  7. educate me....i see on the menu on the right , 0 spiders online..so what the heck is a spider?
  8. wow, i did not know that never seen any with paper lables...but then i dont buy the singles, just the cute little bottle in the 6 pack
  9. ...and let me talk at ya for a second. now, what i want ya to do is record an instrumental cd...not that i dont enjoy hearin ya sing, cause i do, but i really enjoy hearing you play piano none of us are spring chickens anymore and daylights burnin so hop to it! if its been done already and i missed it, then point me in the direction
  10. oh say it aint so...theres a coke bottling plant here, im gonna find out and raise cain with em if its true
  11. not only plastic, but styrofoam, microwave ovens, cell phones computers, modern heat and air systems, carpeting and many other modern day conveniences. try coke in a glass bottle vs a plastic bottle...dont even taste the same
  12. S_O_L


    king of the big haired boys. late hubby had that same paneling in his man cave
  13. any clue what year that was? just babies..but all cute as a button
  14. i believe it did happen...its just that WE were left behind..
  15. 17 year olds generally tend to lean toward the stoopid side..but my ? is, where were stoopids parents? oh well, ain't no skin off my nose.
  16. well, i dont know nuttin bout no music, cept whether or not it sounds purty...and lemme tell ya, that piano intro is down right purty
  17. well, you are certainly welcome LC! and thank YOU i was attempting to reply to the thread about wally bryson being the coolest raspberry..EACH was and is equally cool in his own way.
  18. let this old lady tell ya'll sompin... there is no such thing as an UNcool raspberry. edit...but ya know whut? this old lady just replied to the wrong thread..ha
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