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  1. I know this is going to sound kind of silly but,,,, I love all the seasons..they all have pros and cons..but I just couldn't live somewhere where all you see constantly is sun and heat...maybe its just me but with each seasonal change...things to do..see ...go change...change is interesting. But I guess to each their own. smile

    PS...SOL...I've managed to learn how to make genuine gravy from an old family recipe.. (not my family, we're French) and it is absolutely to die for... :liplick:

    so ya gonna share? :liplick:

  2. Even though fall is my favorite...there's still things I like in pretty much every season.

    In spring we do all of our planting.

    Now I am just starting to reap the rewards! It's so amazing to go out to your yard and pick off your tomatoes,peppers,eggplant,basil etc.. as you want it. This week I just started to really get the ripe tomatoes. I have about 80 romas & if I can get about 60 more,I'll have a good pot of gravy from scratch.

    Winter only sucks from January through march. December is wonderful.... I love the lights & the spirit.

    ok rach ...edumacate this hillbilly...ive got maters coming out of my

    ears...ive done a lot of things with maters..but how do you make mater gravy?

    or does gravy have a different meaning there? confused

  3. fall..that magical time of year...changing leaves, the smell of wood smoke coming from the chimney, the men folk taking to the woods and getting out of the women folks hair for 3 months wink...yep , i love fall wink

    early spring when the hawthornes start to bloom come in second.

    but after that, forget it...hate cold, hate snow, hate ice,

    hate heat, hate humidity , hate tornado season..

  4. I read an article in a British newspaper that said, she told some of her friends a year ago that she'll be joining the 27 club.

    thats just heartbreaking crying

    well, ive done told jethro ,i better not ever hear of him doing that stuff,

    because he will never be too old or too tall to turn over my knee!..thats

    what kids are missing today...the fear of mama! wink

  5. but ya know , if those kids could only have made it

    another quarter century and look back...they would see,

    the situation they were dealing with probably wasnt such

    a big deal after all.

    its been awhile, but i can vaguely remember being 27. wink.

    and now looking back, i wonder why i sweated the small stuff

    because in the grand scheme of things, they really were small.

    i have a yungun in that age range now..always telling him not

    to sweat the small stuff

  6. such sad news, but not surprising.

    she was a talented young lady at one time, but as of late

    not so much....but regardless of what anyone thinks of the

    way she wasted her life, she is still someone's child

    no one should ever have to bury their child.

  7. awwwwww.....isnt that sweet...missm you're gonna have

    the sweetest little raspberry around happy

    thanks for posting this wendy...great to put a face with the name...miriam you look wonderful. wink

  8. well in the first pic, theres is a little bit of resemblence to yoko. LOL.looks better in the other..

    first off....he married that crazy damn girl way too soon

    after linda died...4 year isnt long enough to grieve..now

    hes marrying this chick 4 years after divorcing the crazy

    damn girl..whatever her name is....anyone else see a pattern here?

    and at his age ,why even bother?

    one wife is all any man really needs and vice versa..

    why dont they just shack up?

  9. LC said:

    And, of course, "American Pie." My dad and mom loved/love this song, as so many do. I remember "AP" blaring from an old 8-track over and over in that old wood-sided stationwagon. At 8 minutes-plus, it made long trips go by fast.... (PS: This is a great-quality vintage video that I somehow just saw for the first time.)


  10. I was an extra in Paul Simon's "One Trick Pony". I was in the scene with the B-52s filmed in the Cleveland Agora. I still have my uncashed check for 143 dollars.This was in 79 or 80.I remember great box lunches.

    for real?....well lets get a pic...

    ya know ya coulda bought a boat load of 8 tracks for 143 bucks back then wink

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