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  1. This is such great news! Nice to hear from you Eric! Will be anxiously awaiting! Sharon
  2. Agree, Bernie Taupin has very much to do with Elton John's success
  3. I don't think this has been posted yet but the Monkees are planning a fall tour. -With Mike Nesmith included and a tribute to Davy Jones. You can google it or check it out on pollstar.
  4. Gosh, this hit me like a slap in the face when I read about it this afternoon. I had no idea he was still so ill. The Beastie Boys were always a favorite of mine and made some great videos as well. Rest in peace Adam, you will be missed
  5. I have been listening to Arkeology for the last few days and still haven't gotten to the last and final disc 5. What can I say? So nice to hear a "new" release from Karl Wallinger since I admire him so. Interesting but for World Party fans only I think, due to what I feel are many filler songs that did not make it to previous World Party releases. Just my thoughts so far...need much more time to absorb all of the material. With 5 cd's, it is alot of music to cover so I will be working on my "favorites" list soon. Anyway, glad you are back Karl
  6. Thank goodness for this website and all of you...because I finally got to see Eric live with the Raspberries in NYC, 2007!! He is an incredible talent! He was absolutely mesmerizing to see live!
  7. LC, I will be interested to hear your comments after you listen as well!!
  8. Sorry, World Party. I don't normally buy greatest hits or compilations by artists I frequent for fear of repetition but in this case, I am so looking forward to enjoying this all weekend and more.
  9. So sad about this...huge Monkees fan and still listen to Headquarters quite often. Thank you Davy for years of great music and entertainment. Miss you!!
  10. I will be watching or it will at least be on in the background. Although I think it has been a bit lame the past several years, I remember thinking that the last one I watched was pretty good as far as performances go. I enjoy seeing the collaborations they put together. Go Wilco for best rock album!
  11. Oh, and speaking of Robbie Williams stealing the thunder from Karl Wallinger, here's another one that really bothers me as well as fellow Eric Carmen fans as well. Why is it that whenever someone challenges themself to sing "All By Myself" on American Idol the judges refer to it as Celine Dion's song? This makes my blood boil!!
  12. Ok, I will do my best but I know my thoughts will not translate as well into writing! Karl gives us a great amount of material to work with. To introduce someone to World Party, I would probably recommend Goodbye Jumbo and that is mostly due to its commercial success. I wouldn't count it as my favorite though, I tend to go for the more obscure things. Private Revolution- I remember seeing Ship of Fools on MTV when they played videos. The style and sound was everything I liked so I went from there. I also started going through the Waterboys back catalog as well. Goodbye Jumbo- Again, the most commercially successful cd with many good tracks. Bang- This cd starts out with Kingdom Come which is a great song. It has many other standout tracks as well. Too many to list..just listen to the whole thing! Egyptology- Contains one of the most beautiful songs ever entitled She's The One. Too bad Robbie Williams takes all the credit for this one, and I like Robbie by the way! I read somewhere that Karl recieved residuals from the success of this song which helped him out when he was recovering from his aneurysm. Call Me Up is another great tune...I love hearing Karl on the piano. Dumbing Up- Funny because Dumbing Up has been playing in my car for the past 2 weeks or so. Here Comes the Future is just a great song, along with Another 1000 Years and See The Light. I really thing that alot of their music is an acquired taste. You introduce yourself to the "poppier" songs first and then really discover all of the layers underneath that is truly World Party. By the way, Jeff Lynne was my absolute idol growing up! ELO has an awesome back catalog to unravel as well! My Dad took me to my first concert ever when I was in 7th grade..it was ELO on the Out of the Blue tour. Don't remember much as it was years ago but i do remember that it was the first time that I smelled pot! Thank you for welcoming me!
  13. Ok This is my first post but I know how exciting it is when one of your favorite artist is putting out new material. I have been following World Party and Karl Wallinger since Private Revolution and am also so psyched for his new release! I have been following Eric ever since I bought the 45 All By Myself and then saw him on American Bandstand. That was it! I went to the reunion show in NY a few years ago and was just in awe. I didn't move for 2 hours to get a drink or even use the bathroom..I didn't want to miss a thing! I had goosebumps when he sang...that is how good he is. I hope he knows what a gift he truly has. Anyway, also looking forward to the new World Party release and hope that Karl comes around again real soon
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