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  1. Eric: Thanks for a very interesting insight into the workings of the record business. I see CD has been making the rounds touting his book. Indeed, he probably is the last of a shrinking breed. What a tough business. Whenever you pit art vs. business, you can be sure it will be art that probably loses. I appreciate your candor in a couple of your tunes about the business: e.g. No Hard Feelings, Everything. For a brief moment, you are letting your fans inside to see the way you feel about your music, your friends and the way "things" go. I finally see things differently at 63 y.o. - ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Peace and harmony to you, Mark in New Hampshire. (PS - what an awesome setting the R&R Hall of Fame is. Stop there every single time I drive through! )
  2. Hey all: New to this site. Was just listening to some of my favorite Raspb and EC solo and here I am. I somewhat identify with Mr. Carmen as I am his age and have experienced some of the same "stuff of life" that he has but soldier on. Music is the ultimate friend. always there - Mark in NH
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