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  1. Boats was incredible! Thank you 'Santa' Hossy!
  2. What an awesome early Christmas treat! You just made my day. Thank you Hossy.
  3. God bless ya Rachan. Wish I could share a glass of vino with you!
  4. Thanks MissM. I hope every one of our EC.Com family members has a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  5. I did not notice this until now. Thanks Bernie! There are a lot of EC lovers out there. Your website is great!
  6. My Mom never packed my lunch but I must say that the school lunches I had were great. Even in high school. I can still remember the homemade pizza they offered. I used to love lunch at school at any age...I've always been easy to please. Just loved the food and company! Some of the best times in my lunch life!
  7. Love it. A new generation of Berries lovers!
  8. Wishing a big happy birthday to the lady that takes the time to think of everyone else on their b-days. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and know how much you are loved and appreciated on this site. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANE!
  9. How cute Miriam! You are truly blessed.
  10. Happy Birthday CanadianChick! I love your posts! Hope you have a great birthday.
  11. I love the whole album but Boats is the standout for me. I love that song and what it means to Eric.
  12. Happy Birthday Angelina John!! I hope you have a big Booyah Birthday weekend my handsome buddy.
  13. YES!! Happy Veteran's Day to all of those that have served. My brother retired last year with 25 years of service and has regretted it ever since. Just can't let go...a true soldier. God bless our military past and present.
  14. So sad about Smokin Joe...what a great sportsman! You know he loved it and respected his peers.
  15. Eric, taking care of your kids and yourself are most important and we can all agree with that!!
  16. Nice stats Bernie!! I love that song.
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