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  1. Thank you Hossy for always continuing to surprise us! I love it and yes Clive and the powers that be at Capital were total idiots. I just don't understand it
  2. Aventurine, so sorry and I hope you are doing better now. I pray for your good health. You are such a pleasure to have with us!
  3. Yes, welcome Sharon. You will love it here. We all have a great time! Like your post Wendy
  4. I used to watch American Bandstand and Soul Train on Saturdays and looked forward to it. How sad!
  5. That pup is way too cute! I love big dogs with goofy faces.
  6. Happy Birthday Kim Love ya babe and hope that your day was fabu!
  7. Happy Birthday Bernie and thank you for all that you do for us! Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.
  8. WOW! That is a lot of interesting info. Thanks Indigo! I love music trivia and thanks for sharing.
  9. Thanks Bernie and Kirk. I just love the shoes and the dudes! Nice surprise for a Monday.
  10. Glad I didn't disappoint you.
  11. My PC crashed last week so I have been totally disconnected. Missed everyone but I'm getting back on line.
  12. I think 2012 is going to be a much better year! Happy New Year to all my friends here. My mother always has a pork roast and black eyed peas (both of which I hate), collard greens and corn bread on New Years Day. Those are suppose to make the new year lucky.
  13. december25


    I wish Jim all the best and pray for his recovery!
  14. Happy Birthday Julia..our New Years Girl!! Hope you have an extra special celebration.
  15. Thank you Bernie! Nice belated Christmas gift...keep 'em coming! How cute.
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