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  1. Miriam, Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady. Sorry I have not caught up with you in a while. Hope you have an awesome birthday!
  2. Glad you are OK Ira!
  3. You know that I agree. That is why I am still shopping for the perfect blue dress!
  4. Is is just me but this website has been crawling for the last couple of days. Nothing else I access is. Is anyone else having the same issue? OMG...I forgot that I am Southern is that the issue??
  5. OK Dudes. I have signed on to the site and need to get up to speed with the whole thing. I have not done one of these sites before. I see that I am too late for tomorrow's race but I will get on board for the next one. Sunday is always NASCAR day or NFL day at my parent's house. I do love it and thanks for inviting me to join. It will be interesting.
  6. Thanks Hossy and M454K0! Hossy, you always come thru with the best surprises..I love you for that!
  7. I love this thread. Thanks for posting all of the videos.
  8. Too funny! Aventurine, you keep TC in line.
  9. We can always rely on you to do something sexual with any situation. You kill me!
  10. Glad you are safe Elle! You are part of the FAM here!
  11. I will check it out. I am a NASCAR chick!
  12. James, I hate that I missed it. I was so interested to learn about the real you. I feel let down. Us old chicks were just wanting to know all the goods on you. Your friend, Suzanne
  13. Thank you Bernie. I got one of your books and I am totally thrilled! I have called some many used book stores hoping to find a copy and now I have mine.
  14. Bernie, Is the close at 2:00pm today central or eastern time? Seems I just answered my own question based on my post time. Looks like central.
  15. Great post Pat! I hope you are doing well and wish you the best with your upcoming project and I look forward to hearing it. You were one of my first great buddies on this board. God bless ya man!
  16. How true Kim. John is a prince of a guy! Very interesting thread.
  17. I have been somewhat MIA this week. Can't believe I missed this. Brilliant Monica! Tony's avatar and humor did win me over from the beginning. James is jealous and Andie's Bieber comment was priceless!
  18. Very nice and well stated!
  19. This is one of my most favorite songs...love the whole album. Jean, you are not in the minority. Totally love it. Thank you once again Hossy!
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