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  1. Yes, he was a force in music and always getting new artists to the public. He has been and will be missed. What an American Icon!
  2. I agree Tony. It has been way too quite recently.
  3. december25


    James is a very serious looking dude.
  4. Tony, you are so crazy. Miss you.
  5. So what is the shakeout for the week LC? I know I sucked but others look good. Appears that Marlene is kicking butt.
  6. Miriam, he is so cute. Hope all is well with you.
  7. May not be a good week for me. I totally forgot that this was a Sat. race and did not make my changes in time and I have a driver not even on the pole on my C team. Guess the chips will fall and we will see what happens with my others.
  8. John, I have no true method of picking my team. I just got lucky. Who knows, my streak may run out anytime. I am just in it for the fun of it. You could be 'the man' this week!
  9. Thank you Last Night for posting these great videos. Have anymore??
  10. one of Celo's team, Chesa, just performed ABM. OK but no one can ever do it like EC.
  11. REV it up and let's get it on! Can't wait to make my picks and see what happens LC.
  12. I hope all of my EC.Com friends have a wonderful holiday weekend!
  13. Thank you! What a wonderful picture. They look so cute together. I hope EC enjoyed his time there.
  14. LC, I have no idea. It was a great race and fun to watch at the very end. I just knew Gordon and Johnson were going to take it but was glad to Dale Jr. in 3rd. My family always watches the races together at my parent's house on Sunday afternoon. Lots of fun. Wish I was that lucky at picking lottery numbers! Congrats Marlene...you go girl!!
  15. Enjoy your trip to the wonderful southern US. You should visit the outer banks of NC.
  16. december25

    New Puppy

    Too funny Tony. I do love your avatar.
  17. Thank you Hossy. That was awesome. You always have such great stuff to post!
  18. Happy Birthday Hossy! You always give us such great treasures and are such a great family member to this site. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.
  19. Yippee! Tony is hot this year and making my team look good. I used to really not like him for his bad personality and tantrums but he has grown into a real man since he is on his own now. I can finally respect him. Go Tony!!
  20. Hossy, You are incredible! Thank you for always surprising us!
  21. Welcome Anne! You will have fun here and yes, Tony is somewhat crazy but we all love him.
  22. Sorry I was out of last week's events and have not even caught up to anything. I had my yard dug up last week to be re-landscaped and lost internet access for several days. Not to mention being totally stressed out. I need to catch up and I will.
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