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  1. Happy Birthday Naeko! I hope you have a wonderful day.
  2. I always loved the queen of disco. My all time fav was Last Dance. Such a pretty lady and class act!
  3. What a terrible loss and I can only imagine how big brother Barry feels after losing all of his talented brothers. God bless them! Robin did have a very distinctive and incredible voice.
  4. Go All The Way is so awesome in any decade!
  5. Bernie, I think your idea was OK and I appreciate it. I am just so glad that this site is still alive.
  6. You will be missed James and good luck! Guess Tony will have to take on your harem.
  7. Very sad. I saw a report yesterday how quite a few players have taken their lives recently that had multiple brain injuries. Seems like that is causing depression.
  8. OMG..Eric was on Hee Haw?? Just cannot see it! Tony, what do you have against Southern folks (as you referred to us), I am southern? FYI, I am not too far from 'Mayberry' which is in Mt. Airy, NC and have always not been very into the Andy Griffith show. Drives me crazy and the reruns are on constantly here. LOL! However, I must say the characters were pretty funny and I have known a few Goobers. RIP George L.
  9. Well stated Marvin! They are my favorite band and everything you wrote was so true. I enjoyed reading this and thanks for posting.
  10. I agree with you James. EC's comments were pretty heartfelt. I like that!
  11. Hey Bernie, How about a new picture in the Way We Used To Be to liven things up here?
  12. I totally sucked last week again. I must get my game on tomorrow since this week's race is Saturday, right?
  13. Kim, so glad for you!! I always love chatting with you and everyone else. Joining EC.COM has been such a positive experience for me. There are such great people on here and many new friendships have transpired.
  14. I did a complete revamp to my teams. We will see what happens.
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