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  1. Happy belated Birthday! Hope it was wonderful.
  2. Happy belated birthday Phil! Enjoy your weekend.
  3. All too funny but I wish him a happy 60th that year. Got lots of time to plan!
  4. Hossy, You never stop surprising us. The photos were wonderful and I wish I had been there too. How awesome of Eric!
  5. Totally sucks...what are they thinking??
  6. So sorry I am late but a very Happy Birthday Paulie!
  7. This has been a lot of fun Larry and thanks for getting it started for us. Pat has surprised me quite a bit for a guy that was never into NASCAR!! I have my roster in place so we will see what happens Saturday! Thanks for the update buddy. Cannot wait until next Feb when it all will get fired up again.
  8. Sorry I am late but Happy Birthday Hollies 65!! Just celebrate through the weekend.
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