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  1. december25


    Wendy is an awesome woman. I like her posts and always can relate to her.
  2. Tony's posts are always so funny.
  3. Welcome Josephine! You must be new to this site. Enjoy!
  4. How true Tony. I just hope that everyone remembers our troops on this holiday.
  5. december25

    E.C. Daily

    Yes, I get my daily dose of EC/Berries too. Ira, I'm with ya! The music is just so great and addictive compared to most of the crap that is out there today.
  6. Whew! Good comeback Miss Brownie...congrats.
  7. This is such a great song. Just listened to it again. Totally awesome and how true!
  8. That pic is just way too cute. Can we see some more?
  9. Thanks Wendy-Ann. I enjoy reading your posts.
  10. Why is Tony Cartmill a bad boy?
  11. James, my 'code name' of december25 is my birthday. I just was not clever enough to think of something better. Don't know what exactly you are asking of me. But, thanks for the welcome!
  12. Where is Eric and why is he so MIA? That sucks.
  13. Sarah Buxton did a duet with one of my favorite country artist, Dierks Bentley, on his greatest hits CD. Sweet and Wild was the song. She has a great voice and he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet!
  14. Hello Eric, I am new on here. Why is your Eric Carmen 1984 ablum not available on iTunes? How disappointing..."it's just a crime". Can you get that changed? BTY, I love your music and voice!
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