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  1. I am in NC but inland so I will not be impacted by Irene except for high winds. I wish all of those on ec.com in NY and other areas the best of luck since you are not used to hurricanes.
  2. Yes, I felt it in NC. Those few seconds seemed like minutes. That was the wildest thing I have ever experienced.
  3. What a pretty kitty...thanks for sharing.
  4. Yippee!! Thanks Bernie. That made Monday a whole lot better.
  5. See that I had already said that earlier but...my days are running together lately.
  6. Diane, thanks for always recognizing everyone's birthday!! It is so wonderful that you post something about everyone's day! Did not know if you had ever been thanked for that before.
  7. OMG..I wish MissM the best!! Keep us updated.
  8. Get well soon and home to baby TJ!
  9. Watch enough late night info-mercials and that will eventually wear you out. Although, I have gotten some great new ad routines from them.
  10. Congrats Missm! Wishing you much joy with the new baby.
  11. Been there before and you think it will never end. Just don't let it wear you down. Stay strong and try to keep your head on straight! Good luck and my heart goes out to you.
  12. Hope you have a wonderful birthday week Eric!
  13. Tony, your foreigners comment to too funny. As always you kill me. You are such a true smartass.
  14. It is really hot in NC. When I came out of the gym after 7pm tonight my car had 104 degrees as the temp. Pile on high humidity with that and you have a real cooker. I hate cold weather but I done with this. My poor dog hates it too. Our 30-45 minute walks are now to about 10.
  15. I agree. Our team was great!! But Japan needed a well deserved pick-me-up. God bless them! They still have a long way to go with the issues in their country.
  16. Welcome Shell...there are a lot of crazy/fun members on here.
  17. I agree with you John, after reading Marathon Man I wonder just how much of a genius/musical expert Mr. Davis really was??
  18. Bernie, I downloaded my book on the Nook Color and did not get photos but I really didn't care. The book was awesome! I just read the reviews by John, Pat and Wendy and they totally cemented my thoughts on this book. You did a great job and it was a leap for Eric to let so much of his personal life be exposed since he is such a private person. Kudos to you both! I will never look at McDonalds the same way again..Ha Ha.
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