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  1. Happy Shana Tova to everyone. Love the Raspberries video!! That was great.
  2. Good luck with your job offer. Divorce sucks!! I never asked my ex for alimony and he was earning more money at the time of our separation than me. I got laid off and was jobless for 14 months but made it. Now he is earning nothing since he is a residential contractor who have all taken a hit due to the state of our nation. Thank God we never had children together. I have a great job now which I love so hopefully the same will happen for you. Keep your head up and be glad you at least had some fun this summer. However, ex's seem to never go away kids or not. He's still harassing me and we do not have kids and it was his idea to go play house with someone else. Go figure...ex's are just too tiring! Probably why I have been happily single for a long time.
  3. Carol, you are a very giving Mom and that is wonderful! Hope you can still find a way to remain on board with us. I know you will miss it too much.
  4. Happy Birthday Ralyssa! If I could grant you one gift it would be a total 70's/80's flashback in time!! Hope you had a wonderful day.
  5. James. that is just too funny! God bless ya!
  6. Rachan, I agree with you about dogs but I do love cats too. I have the most loyal boy, a boxer, and he is always there for me and adores every moment he is with me. He is 7 now and is still crazy but that's just part of being a boxer! They are the Peter Pan's of the dog world.
  7. Happy Birthday Paulie! Hope you have a wonderful day.
  8. Kudos to John and Rachan for their posts. Pretty much summed up my thoughts. I watched the dedication yesterday at PA and Bush gave an incredible speech..brought me to tears. I will never forget that day especially when you have a loved one in the military and my first thought was when is the next deployment somewhere in the middle east. God bless the families that lost their loved ones on that day!! My heart goes out to them and I'm glad our country was able to pull together at that time. I hope that we never lose that and become complacent.
  9. Happy Birthday Hollies65! I enjoy reading your posts.
  10. Solo gig would be great and I will be there!
  11. Yes. it is very slow. Even work is slow for me this week. I have not been yelled at. Where are the complainers??
  12. Thanks for sharing. It's nice to put faces with the people you converse with!
  13. I was just a kid when he was really big...did he have a show on TV at the time or did I imagine that? I always liked County Lineman or By the time she leaves Phoenix.
  14. Thanks Carol! Wishing everyone a safe and happy labor day.
  15. Happy Birthday Tony!! Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. It has been entertaining getting to know you on ec.com.
  16. Welcome back MissM! Hope all is well...we were worried about you!
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