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  1. Very cute!! Hope you are having fun MissM.
  2. I love dogs and cats. That is a beautiful cat and I would just love to hold it. You are lucky!
  3. Wendy, I always agree with your opinions and think snippy commments are uncalled for. I admit that I have not had time to read this whole thread but I do hope that you had a fun time and your pics are great. Hope you had a wonderful time in the land of Cleve.
  4. NC is beautiful but all of those leaves to get up are not too fun. I hate yardwork!
  5. Glad you are doing better Pat! Keep us in the loop since we all do care about you. You know I do! Take care buddy.
  6. Thank you for the update Ecstasy. Please continue to keep us filled in. So sorry he has taken this terrible turn.
  7. Pat was my first buddy on here! He is a great guy. I was chatting with him Sat. nite and he is doing everything possible to recover. I wish him the best...get well soon Pat!!
  8. Ira...I totally agree. Well stated!
  9. Lovely ladies...hope you had a great time! Great photo.
  10. Too funny Tony, as always. Andie, we have never conversed but I look forward to your posts since you are back.
  11. A big Happy Birthday Robin! Thanks for being a great chat buddy and inviting me to join in with you and the other lovely ladies on ec.com. It has been fun getting to know you. Hope your day was wonderful!!
  12. That was pretty deep. What is the something? We all have special days in our lives that stand out. I can think of many.
  13. Can't wait to find out the total 411 on the marriage. I love the song All The Way. Celine did a great version with Frank's voice mixed in that I really like.
  14. Yes, it is sad. God bless him! Such genius and talent.
  15. How cute is that? I had a friend that had a Maine Coon and they are almost natured like dogs. Her cat was so cool and followed her around just like a dog and did not act like the average cat. Do your cats do the same?
  16. Go Ira!! Great to hear. Nothing is a better high than a good run especially with a group and for a great cause.
  17. Time seems to just blast by the older we get.
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