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  1. Eric,

    You are such a gracious man and you have been so candid about how the bus actually works. I appreciate and love your comments but at the same time I feel that you have been handed such a raw deal due to this man. It still kind of makes me very angry with him just because I love your voice, music and talent.

    Thanks for at least coming back here to us!!

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  2. I have always loved the Bee Gees and they were the first concert I ever attended. Barry's voice still sounds great. Pretty weird seeing him at the Grand Ole Orpy and doing a blue grass song but that just shows his versatility. He did write and produce the famous Islands in the Stream which was country with Dolly P and Kenny Rogers. So heartbreaking that all of his brothers are gone so long before what I feel was their time. I am sure it must be hard for him to sing those songs on stage now without them. Thanks for sharing Ira.

  3. Dear Santa Bernie,

    I have been a very good, hard working girl this year and I am anxiously awaiting your Christmas surprise. You have already given us a couple this year which have been great!



    I wish all of my EC.com family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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