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  1. That is wonderful. Glad he is on the mend!
  2. You have to save the photo to file then upload them into photobucket. Just spelled it out for Tony in the "Guard Your Wallet" segment.
  3. Well maybe in this case he would be singing "He did it" That song will be played at the party with a number of Eric's other songs. Too bad I can't get him to come sing them live:) I would be like "I don't know you people" and just sit there with the drool running down my face I will be going over my final list of to do's for his party. I took 9 days off and can't wait to get cooking and baking.
  4. I am soooo thrilled! No more children in the public school system! Yeah
  5. We all make bad decisions at times. I wish her the best.
  6. Thanks everyone. It has not been an easy ten years raising them on my own. Sometimes it felt like when I was already down, God would toss a brick building on top of me. So many hardships, illnesses and multiple issues to deal with that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy! I never give up no matter how hard the road and every day we get through, I feel blessed. It helps having friends like you. I love each and every one of you
  7. Especially when you have an ex-husband that has constantly undermined all the good you try to do for them. He has never attended any one of their graduation ceremonies or parties and has no intention of attending Brian's. But he does attend his nieces and nephews. Father of the year...I think NOT!
  8. My youngest son will be graduating this Friday! I have been sweating this one out, but with my son stepping it up a notch and my constant 24/7 nagging, he pulled his grades up significantly surpassing what he needed for graduating. All B's and high C's! Good Job Brian! His party is July 9th and I'm praying for a great day...no wind or rain He starts classes in October so that puts all three of mine in college...Cha Ching! Thank God for grants and loans. Just wanted to share a bit of good news since the political postings I make usually leave one feeling suicidal!
  9. Earthquake Shakes St. Louis by Becky Kellogg , on Jun 7, 2011 6:05 am ET A minor earthquake rocked the St. Louis, Missouri area overnight. Some Missouri residents said they felt their home shaking for 5 to 30 seconds. There are no reports of damage or injuries. The epicenter of the quake, which had a 4.2 magnitude, was roughly thirty minutes southwest of St. Louis. I search for good news going on in the USA, but there doesn't seem to be much at least that's reported.
  10. Well, took my kids to see the new Pirates movie yesterday...Boring and very disappointing. Absolutely not buying this one.
  11. I agree and he better hope his remaining kidney does not fail him. I wonder if maybe he sold his brain prior to the kidney for some other technical gadget!
  12. Riverside officer dies after lightning strike in Joplin Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2011/06/03/292...l#ixzz1OGT5syTp
  13. Hey Miriam, It doesn't look like you purchased that cake from CC's Patisserie (The writing is too nice) I'll give you this one seeing you are on the other side of the country
  14. I hope anyone on this board who is from MA is safe and sound after that awful tornado touched down. New York, hold onto your hats and say your prayers...I will be praying for you! This is crazy weather and no one is safe from it no matter where you live! Stay safe everyone.
  15. Carol in Pgh.

    Thank You

    I know that feeling! Well, it must have been hysterical
  16. While I do feel the pastor should be held, I have a hard time feeling sorry for these people. First off, if the world is going to end, what good is it to sell and give away your worldly possessions now? The world was going to be ending for everyone so no one would have a use for money. Making the sacrifice on the last day is too little too late.
  17. Another individual I did not have the honor to know on the board. I will keep vigil for his family. RIP Don.
  18. Did not have the please to know her, sounds like my loss. RIP Gail.
  19. Had my 89 year old father/WWII vet over for a cookout. That and trying to stay cool (air conditioner is broke down and the house was at a sweltering 90 degrees.) Doesn't help my poison ivy one bit
  20. Eric/Raspberries Van Halen - preferably with Sammy Hagar Eric Clapton Fleetwood Mac Barry White
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