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  1. I have all three in. My youngest will be living in an apartment on campus at Pittsburgh Technical Institute. For two years (books, supplies, education and apartment) for an associates degree it is $62 thousand for two years. I have another son who attends PITT for a Bachelor's in computer science and wants to go onto a Masters and PhD in computer engineering; my daughter attends Duquesne University for a Bachelor's in marketing and Italian. All three will graduate in 2013. Cha-Ching!
  2. Dang...Added up everything I purchased for my son for college, cloths, big and small necessities (vacuum, cookware, plates, etc. Spent close to $1,000 on everything. Sure adds up fast. Where's Ed McMahon when you need him
  3. Gift of Life by Ellen Bailey I value the life God has given to me It is my life and I can live it as I please My life may not mean much to someone else And how I live it is up to God and myself Only God knows how many years I have remaining But I intend to live them all without complaining I will treasure each day and rejoice in its pleasures Practicing His righteousness as a means of measure I will do my daily chores with a song in my heart Singing God's praises until the day I depart And while I am living out my disappearing years I will be grateful to Him for putting me here
  4. No, no cell phone...I hate those things, but I do have to go out and purchase one for my youngest son so He can have it at college with him. Right now he has the phone provided by the school. I am using my daughter's computer at the moment which I will have very little access too because she uses it for her college classes all the time. I will get on when I can. It is nice to see I will be missed. You folks are the best there are God Bless and Love, Carol
  5. Haven't been on much lately and now that my son is off to college (with his computer), I bid you all farewell. It has been wonderful knowing all of you each with your own outstanding and unique qualities! So to Miriam, Wendy-Ann, Robin, Rachan, Tony, the Good Doctor, Chris, Diane and all, I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your family even though it was a short while. If I ever get the chance, I will pop in to say hello. It was a fun ride. And to the namesake of this board...Eric, I wish you well with everything, I wish you peace and a lifetime of happiness.
  6. Happy Birthday Ralyssa...attached are your 3 honeys. Hope you have a fabulous day!
  7. Happy Birthday Al....not a date one would easily forget!
  8. Beautiful tribute. How could anyone not love this guy!
  9. It truly was a day of Labor...15 patients and me
  10. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday, Lori
  11. Even though I will be working, I want to extend a happy and restful Labor Day to all my good friends!
  12. A co-worker of mine has a big crab boil every year and invites the staff and this year she is celebrating her husband's B-day and he water ski's. His body looks better than it appears, small things like hands are hard to draw freehand
  13. Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday, Darlene!
  14. I pray for everyone's safety. May God steer the storm out to sea and spare the Eastern sea board from this disaster.
  15. Welcome back, Twin. So glad you are with us again and are able to enjoy your new little one! He is precious. When I read your sister's facebook blog this morning, the first thing I did was Thank God! Love you! Carol
  16. Unfortunately, even if you knew what hospital she is in, without her MRN - Medical Record Number, they will not provide any information due to HIPPA Regulations. We will have to wait on word from her sister.
  17. I continue to monitor her sister's face book as well, and no new news. It's driving us all crazy and she is my last thought before I go to bed at night. Be well, Miriam...we are all rooting for you girl!
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