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  1. My good friend in high school had tourettes however, back then no one knew anything about it. I was the only friend she had because everyone else just made fun of her the way she twitched and yelled profanities out loud. She really was a nice person. Unfortunately, she was killed in a car accident a number of years ago and sad to say...I was the only one from high school that attended the viewing and funeral. A donation is on the way and God Bless you Ira and Wendy it is not easy to deal with and education is key!

  2. Divorce is never easy...I know, I've been through two and I have no plans to go through that again. I am so glad that things are finally winding down for you and I have no doubt that you are an excellent father. God Bless you and your children and may the road ahead be paved with peace and happiness. Your absence is understandable, we missed you and we are glad that you are back!

    You Rock!


  3. The best gift I can give to myself is making sure my children have a better head start in life than what I had. I don't have much and earn very little, but I will sacrifice anything I need (except for health) and want to make sure they do have the best foundation possible. That's why I clean houses and bake cakes on the side...to earn a bit extra to help out where I can. I love them so much and want to see them accomplish great things. Whatever it costs me, it will be worth it!

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