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  1. If I were Carol, and I heard that over-played schmaltzy ballad everytime I came into the room...I swear I would smother that patient with his own pillow!


    I swear I am ready to now, Tony...another day and another 8 hour rendition of "all by my self". I love you Eric, but if I have to listen to this guy sing it to me one more time I may just do a header out the 6th floor window!! :twitch:

  2. I walked into a new patients room at the hospital I work at yesterday and he asked me if I was there back in May. I responded "yes". He said weren't you the one that said that Eric Carmen and the Raspberries was your favorite band? LOL..I asked him how he remembered that and everytime I walked in his room, he started singing "All by myself".

  3. darlene said:

    Carol, what a beautiful post! Tim, thanks so much for sharing your time with Jim with us. Barb is, of course, shaken and said she's "a little emotional" over the events that happened this weekend, but she thanked everyone for the outpouring of caring, offers to help and prayers and said that it's times like these you see how many friends really care.

    Jim is most likely already home and resting in the best care possible, Barb's and his family's. Love is the greatest cure, and I know he's surrounded by it, from them and all of us.

    Thank God indeed for a happy ending.

    I just say what's in my heart, Darlene. Although I have never had the pleasure to meet him personally, He just comes across as such a wonderful and sincere man. He is always so kind to personally answer me on facebook and really seems to connect with people. He is truly a blessing and I am honored to know him even if it is in a blog session. I hope with my heart and pray to the good Lord that Jim makes a full recovery and that his family has many happy and rewarding years left with the man they call husband and dad. One day, God willing I will have the opportunity to actually meet him.

  4. That was a riot!

    Glad you liked that, Kirk and I hope it helps you guys to know what not to buy your gals for Christmas! One year my now ex bought me a fire extinguisher and a fire proof safe for Christmas and that came with an "I love you"; however, when he was asking me for a divorce, he bought me a diamond necklace and earrings...now if anyone can explain that one to me..LOL :twitch:

  5. Hi Carol. I hope so. Obama doesn't have to work very hard to destroy the Republican field--they're destroying each other and themselves! It's rather disheartenening.

    I felt like this party was a disaster when 9 candidates entered the race with "The Donald" and "Sarah Palin" threatening to do so as well. Oy! It's been like a "free-for-all" since the beginning. I truly thought Herman Cain had a chance. They've all been up, down and now back around.

    Santorum seems honest and doesn't flip-flop. But he says he's "boring" compared to the others. I hope he's a dynamic debater when the time comes. If this keeps up, Obama will cruise back into office without any effort.



    Rick will be a great debater. When he says he's boring it's because he is a family man and not a skunk that goes cheating on his wife, he pays his taxes, etc. No skeletons in the closet that I am aware of! P.S. I don't know if you listen to "The Great One" Mark Levin's radio show, but he is awesome and he supports Santorum. He would not support anyone that he did not feel could take on Obama.

  6. With the Herman Cain debacle and with Newt and Mitt at each other's throats, I am favoring Rick Santorum. He is without a doubt the true conservative and he stands for many things I support. Plus, I know he can kick Obama's butt in a debate!

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