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  1. Megan Kelly is absolutely beautiful and yes, smart too! She comes across as the "girl next door" type of person. (Not that I would marry her) grin She's all yours!

    Eric Carmen hands down. blush I have loved that man since I was 17 years old! Also, when I had read that he was looking for someone who was NOT willing to sleep with him on a first date, that sold it as I am a respectable Catholic girl! anyway...a girl can dream! Ahhhh

    With respect to the comment about knowing a person first...well, you want to know them, but sometimes we think we know someone and it turns out it's all an act and the real deal comes out after it's too late! arrgh

  2. Yeah....you better believe the Raspberries deserve more respect!

    Hi, I am a new poster to this board, but have been a longtime fan of Eric Carmen's since before I graduated high school in 1977. No one can write them, play them or sing them like Eric can. Unfortunately, I have never had the pleasure of seeing him live but would love to. Any word on him making an appearance in the Pittsburgh area? I understand his son, Clayton, is becoming and accomplished pianist. No doubt Eric and Susan are proud as peacocks!

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