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  1. Terri wasn't all khakis...she had a more feminine side. She is a beautiful woman.
  2. I know some of the things he did borderlined on crazy, but I miss the guy!
  3. Don't know of any good places to eat...only been to NYC once for one day. However, that is cool that you have Letterman tickets. I hope you and your daughter have a blast!
  4. Hi Art: I think we would all love to have an answer for that one. I sure hope he will perform again. I have never had the pleasure of seeing him live. That would be an event that would get me out of the house.
  5. Currently all the posts on this board.
  6. To all the nurses (Elle and others), thank you for your selfless act of taking care of others! God Bless You.
  7. Happy Mother's Day to all including the father's who have the responsibility of playing both roles!
  8. I'm not dyslexic, but I don't read much (probably because I just don't have the time) but like you, I love to write. However, between work and all the cakes I have coming up...I don't know that I will have much time for that either.
  9. I lost my mother in 2008 and will honor her with prayer; I also celebrate it with my ex's mother but then I also have a wonderful woman in my life and it happens to be the mother of a boyfriend from way back. I am very close with her and she is so kind and supportive! I really appreciate her!
  10. I have to agree with Rachan. Divorce is hard on children, but at least in my case, staying together would have been far worse. My daughter when she was 8 actually told me "I just wish he would leave already". My ex-husband was never a father to his children. I only learned the depth of his abuse after he left for a woman ten years his junior. One night, we actually thought he was going to kill us all in our sleep as he left a shot gun and a round of ammo laying out on the family room floor. I think it was his own guilt eating him alive. This is all I will share and this may be too much, but believe me it only gets worse. If things aren't working out, it's best to get out while you can! There are too many fish in the sea to stay with one that makes your skin crawl!
  11. I'm lovin it, Miriam. Now that they are on to us, God only knows how they will bump it up!
  12. Thanks Diane...those wishes for all mothers goes double for me. I hope you all have a peaceful, restful and absolutely beautiful day. God Bless Moms
  13. I clicked on it...I wish they had a site like this for the homeless, hungry children.
  14. Sure, it gives us a laugh, but I wouldn't be caught dead acting like this on line.
  15. You always make me laugh Wendy-Ann.
  16. Quite the looker. He is a beautiful man!
  17. Well Melissa...allow me to post a few that may sound familiar to you:
  18. My daughter showed me this. This is one messed up individual
  19. Welcome aboard Melissa! You will have a lot of fun here. So many topics to comment on....and every once in a while Eric jumps on board Glad to have you
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