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  1. Hi missm! This victory gave big pleasure and hope to the victim of the great earthquake. Yes, we say "NEVER SAY DIE!" Thanks so much, missm
  2. Hi Kirk, I'm sorry that my English grammar is wrong. It is as you post it. The United States Team is opponent team that cannot win easily.
  3. We wish to express our gratitude to all of you. I think that this victory gives courage to all struck people. The United States team is a powerful enemy. I cannot yet believe the Japan team was able to win the United States team. Thanks to everyone.
  5. Thank you for sharing, Bernie! It is very wonderful! I liked his performance very much.
  8. Thank you so much everybody! The congratulation of everybody gives me courage and hope. I never forget the birthday of this year. I wish to express my gratitude to everybody.
  9. I wish sincerely to express my gratitude for the word of congratulation of everybody. Now, my country is the worst situation. However, the stricken area revives without fail by powerful people. We wish to express our gratitude for support of everyone. We never give up. We NEVER SAY DIE. Thanks for EVERYBODY so much.
  10. Thank you so much, canadianchick. Thanks for your kindness.
  11. I planned to order this set. However, the large earthquake occurred in Japan. 10000 people or more are still missing. I have not become feelings that take delight in music yet now. Therefore, I contributed the money to the Red Cross. I'm sorry, Al.
  12. At the funky piano performance in the tune, I remember that Eric was fanning Duane with a towel. By the way, it is said that “That’s Rock’n Roll†was a schedule of the third single record following "All By Myself" and "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again". However, it was changed by Shaun's big hit. If it had been achieved, Top 10 entering might have been correct. I'm sorry if my English grammar is wrong. (And I know "hossy" is a man....he is not a woman ) Aventurine
  13. If neither Eric nor Tom are members, NIPPON BUDOKAN might not have been able to be used. There might not have been a lot of audiences if they were not members.
  14. “That’s Rock’n Roll†had two arrangements for the live performance not in other tunes. One was a version recorded in the album. Another one was arranged funky music. “That’s Rock’n Roll†was sung by Shaun Cassidy and became a big hit. So it is said that Eric changed the arrangement of the tune at the live performance. Perhaps, I think the first time performance in Japan at the YAMAHA WORLD POPULAR SONG FESTIVAL. It was a very funky performance.Duane Hitchings played the piano.. However, the singing of Eric was still near the album recording. The performance time was about three and a half minutes. In the tour in Japan of next year and ROCK SUPER SESSION in 1982, the song of Eric became funky, and the performance time exceeded five minutes. At the rehearsal of YAMAHA WORLD POPULAR SONG FESTIVAL
  15. Dear Wendy, Of course, I understand it. It doesn't worry about me at all. If you were made to worry, I'm sorry.
  16. Hi marathon mama! When the performance of "All By Myself" started, the audiences rose most.
  17. In it, Carmine 1st solo album promotion was a principal aim. Therefore, the band name was "CARMINE APPICE AND FRIENDS." So photos other than the carmine are small. It was reluctant. Eric said "This is Carmine's tour, not mine."
  18. Thanks angelina and elle4ec !! It was written in the Eric's fan club news magazine that performance in Fukuoka was the best of "Rock Super Session". I thought that I was very glad because I read it. I think that audience's more than half was Eric's fan. "Rock Super Session" in Tokyo was broadcast by the FM broadcasting.
  19. It performed in four cities in Japan. Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. Five rock 'n' rollers came to Fukuoka. The day was the next day that Eric injures in Osaka. I went to see the Fukuoka performance. A tall chair was put on the stage. Hall announcement before it performs: "Eric Carmen injured the foot in Osaka yesterday. He will perform sitting on the chair. And, he might leave it on the way." However, Eric never sat on the chair. Eric sat only on a piano chair. Eric spoke to the audience during the performance. Because it was English of course, I hardly understood. However, I was able to catch word "Big shot". Eric might have said so, "I got to the big shot shooting my foot in Osaka yesterday!!!" When Eric finished sang "ALL BY MYSELF," the spotlight hit only him. Eric began to sing "BOATS AGAINST THE CURRENT" only in an own piano performance. It was a very wonderful performance. Four rock 'n' rollers were focused on Eric with applauded when the performance ended. It was a very moving scene. I never forget. After that, 30 years passed. I must hear only "ALL BY MYSELF" in the tune of solo since it the RASPBERRIES REUNION in 2005, and in a live performance. I want to hear other solo tunes of Eric.
  20. Hello, highwayangel Yes,just 11 years since album"I WAS BORN TO LOVE YOU" was released in USA! (However, it was released by the title "WINTER DREAMS" in Japan in 1998.) Thank you so much. I'm sorry if my English grammar is wrong. hossy
  21. Mr.Tony Cartmill, Thank you for reading my comment. I did not notice it so. I hope Eric recording the 11th album in 2011. It is just the 11th so. If it is achieved, he might also say again, “After all, it is “11â€, very strange!†Thank you so much for noticing it. The strange of “11†is never ending…. I'm sorry if my English grammar is wrong. hossy
  22. easy to miss. It can be center floating by using the "Enter an image" button: Thank you so much, marathon mama!!! I try again. [img:center]http://proxy.f1.ymdb.yahoofs.jp/bc/4d44bf4f_10d8e/bc/somewhereinjapan.jpg?BC0y6aNBCdcmDwnu
  23. In Japan, a long English name of a song is often replaced by Japanese language. Name of a song of English word not known well, too. Because that is remembered easily for the Japanese. “Never gonna fall in love again†was replaced by “KOINI No touchâ€. It means “It is untouched in love.†Extreme example “Boats against the current†was replaced by “O O SHIKI TSUBASAâ€. It means “Manly wingâ€. When I was a student, I was wondered “Why does the boat change into the wing?†Another example “I wanna be with you†was replaced by "ASUO IKIYOU". It means “Let's live in tomorrow.†I was wondered again. FM Fukuoka(or Tokyo) broadcast “DIATONE POPS BEST 10†in ‘70s. “DIATONE†is a name of the sponsor. It is a company of the audio speaker. Adult contemporary music was evaluated more as a tendency to this program. I'm sorry if my English grammar is wrong.
  24. Dear Mr.Eric Carmen, So if you ever have a CHANGE OF HEART. Just remember it's not too late to start AGAIN. If you still believe in what MUSIC can do. Best Always hossy
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