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  1. "until there are some"? "until there ARE some"??? Bernie, do you know something???? Is this why Eric hasn't been around here in sooo long? Kim
  2. Welcome TellShell! If you're anything like your best buddy...I'm gonna LOVE you and your posts!! Kim
  3. I think I'm gonna cry! My sister is smiling! Kim
  4. Now I'll really have a hard time at work with this tune in my head, and anticipating reading Marathon Man in the morning! Gonna be a long, long, LONG night at work! I love this song, and don't understand Clive's problem with it! It has HIT written all over it! Seriously, thank you soooo much, Bernie! Without you, I'd continue to be without Eric! A very sad state for me!! Kim
  5. I FINALLY have Marathon Man!!! Yep, this putz just made $9.99 from ME!! It's finally mine!!! Kim I can't read it now, as I have to go to work soon. The anticipation is gonna kill me all night at work!!
  6. August 9? Any way you'd be willing to wait until August 11? Just kidding!! I swear as I typed this, "Change Of Heart" started playing on my "Music Choice - 70's" channel!! Kim
  7. Russian vocalist Tim Barsov performs ABM. I don't know the Russian language, but it doesn't matter. We all know the lyrics and melody. Barsov's rendition is outstanding! IMO Kim
  8. For "G"- (My "George") "Two Divided By Love"
  9. Me Too!! Love the Band, & "Temptation Eyes"!
  10. Thank You, Elle! And...Thank You, Eric! We miss you!! Kim
  11. Thank you Darlene. But the credit goes to Al Kaston's Raspberries facebook ( ) site. I sorta borrowed it... Shhhhhhhhhh.......... Kim (Thanks Al )
  12. I liked Hoss' personality. I like a fun dude with a big heart. Michael Landon (RIP) was a very good looking man, but with a name like "Little Joe", a woman tends to wonder... Just kidding, Brian! Kim
  13. My EC.com family- Have a safe & happy Independence Day! Kim
  14. Hi Brian! I found the song on YT (already!). Here it is for all to enjoy: Kim
  15. BlondeVelvet

    E.C. Daily

    But Miriam, this guy oozes sexuality! Guns, guitars, & a speedo! What a hunk of manly succulence! I can't even type this with a straight face!!
  16. BlondeVelvet

    E.C. Daily

    Frequently, the tangents are my favorite part of most threads! And, Ira, you always seem to come up with great threads!
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