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  1. Eric, I hope you have a fantastic birthday, and many, many, MANY more! You've been more precious to me than you will ever know, and I wish for you a life filled with much love and happiness. You deserve it! xoxo Kim
  2. On Miriam's FB page, her niece Abby made a post announcing the arrival of TJ, saying Miriam has given birth to a healthy, beautiful baby boy. Guess TJ didn't want to wait until tomorrow!
  3. Welcome to the world, TJ!! Congratulations Tommie & Miriam!!
  4. Love Heart! I've seen them in concert twice, in the "old" days. Enjoyed both shows. I would definitely see them again! Both ladies look great, especially Ann...you go girl!!
  5. I now have the free version of spotify, and I like it. But, no Cindy In The Wind, or anything from Winter Dreams. Were they pulled already?
  6. That was very sweet, & ingenious, Wendy! I absolutely love this! Can't wait to see TJ stylin' in these onesies. He'll be the best-dressed of EC.com! Miriam, you look great! Kim Bernie- Will TJ acquire EC.com membership status upon his arrival, and therefore be our youngest member?
  7. Checked it out. Spotify sounds fantastic. Hope it's not too good to be true! Thanks for letting us know about it!
  8. When my young relatives visit my FB, they are exposed to the best! My shrine of Eric Carmen!!
  9. Great choices, LC. Love em' all! (& everyone else!!)
  10. Don McLean had a terrific voice. Still does?? He did a great cover of Roy Orbison's "Crying". Not the easiest song for a vocalist!!
  11. 105 yesterday...109 today! It's NEVER this hot here!!
  12. Turkey Sub Too hot to cook!!
  13. Suddenly, dealing with the bears in my yard doesn't seem so scary!!
  14. That's gotta be tough, Ira. My heart goes out to you. Hopefully, Styxx will be spoiled rotten by that wonderful couple!
  15. Bessieboo- I wanna come to your house!
  16. I absolutely LOVE this poem! I have printed a copy of it so I can keep it to read whenever I want. Brownie, you have immense talent as a poet! Please try to find a publisher so you can have an avenue to express yourself professionally. You're way to good not to be published! Your talents deserve to be exposed to a large audience! I wish you success!!! Won't it be cool if you catch Eric's attention? He does know a tad about writing & publishing! Kim PS- I hope my printing a copy is ok with you.
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