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  1. There used to be live chats here. I am curious what happened, and why there aren't any live chats anymore (besides the shout-box). Does anyone know what happened?
  2. Welcome boxingclever! I remember when blackhawkpat asked Eric that question. I can't remember the answer either, although "little angels" does sound familiar. I spent about an hour tonight looking through Eric's past posts trying to find it. No luck yet, but there are thousands of Eric's posts to go through. Entertaining reading, if you are bored and looking for something to do. Meanwhile, I'll continue to look for it. Again, welcome to a very loving and a tad nutty "family"! Kim
  3. Yes, but what if the "Tripod" hooks up with a "Spinner"?
  4. I might find myself multitasking in a straight jacket with my fellacadoosha buddy Miriam! Right Lucy?
  5. After years of being so miserable, you deserve much happiness now. Enjoy your life my friend!! Kim
  6. Happy Belated Birthday, Clayton! Hope you had a fantastic day!
  7. Happy Birthday Darlene! Have a great day! Kim
  8. Happy Birthday Tony! Thought this pole-dancer would go well with the hookers! Have a great day! Kim
  9. So great to have you back, Miriam! Take it easy as much as you can. Give TJ a kiss for us, and please give a hug and heartfelt thanks to your sister Gigi, for keeping us informed throughout your ordeal, although she didn't have to. It was so kind and thoughtful of her to take the time to post of your progress. I hope my taking the liberty of posting TJ's photo is ok. Welcome back my FELLACADOOSHA friend!!!!!! Kim
  10. GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gigi has posted on FB that Miriam is recovering and has been discharged from the hospital!!!!! Miriam- Wishing you many, many years of good health and happiness, especially with your precious baby boy!!
  11. There's a Bill Engvall joke there!! "Here's your sign"!
  12. Just checked Miriam's & Gigi's FB pages. No updates yet.
  13. Thank You for the update, Wendy! Thoughts & prayers for my FELLACADOOSHA sister. Fight Miriam...and please get well!
  14. I just checked Miriam's & Gigi's FB sites. No updates yet. I did find some photos of TJ on Gigi's site. Hope my posting one here is ok.... Ladies & Gentlemen.... TJ
  15. A very Happy Birthday to a woman who consistently displays beauty, brains, and class. Have a fantastic day, Elle! Kim
  16. John, you are soooo bad...and soooo funny!!
  17. On Miriam's FB page, her sister Gigi has posted that Miriam has been admitted into the hospital. I think Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Gigi stated she doesn't know what Miriam's medical problem is, but she is asking for prayers for her sister. Not sure what's going on... I thought I'd pass the info to members here who may not be on facebook, and wouldn't know about Miriam. Kim
  18. Hi Miriam! Congratulations & welcome back!! And TJ, a big welcome to EC.com!! I'm really happy you're healthy and doing well now. Go easy on Mom and Dad, ok?? And Miriam, may one of TJ's first spoken words, after Mama and Popa, be FELLACADOOSHA!!!!! Kim
  19. Happy Birthday Marlene! Have a great day!
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