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  1. I'm gonna be at my in-laws house, without a computer..... Kill Me Now!!
  2. Happy Birthday Jim! Have a fantastic day! Kim
  3. Happy Birthday Monica! Have a great day!! Kim
  4. Happy Birthday Reid! Have a fantastic day!
  5. Have a very Happy Booyah Birthday John! You're the best!! Kim
  6. The computer picked 5 of my Sabres for my team! Good computer.....Goooood computer!!!!
  7. Hey.....the dog's in shape!!!
  8. You're not alone, Paulie. When the draft starts, I'll be on my way out the door to go to work. Looks like I'll have to rely on the computer too...... And I wish the best of luck to everyone too!
  9. Happy Halloween.....from TJ!
  10. You're right, LC! A great musical freight train like Lindsey deserves more attention than the train wreck that is Lindsay!
  11. Lindsay possessed potential as an actress, when she was young. But you're right Miriam, with THOSE parents....she never stood a chance! Still love her in Parent Trap! And.... Thank you Tony, for giving me a good laugh...as usual!
  12. I saw Eric in Feb of 76', at the Century Theater in Buffalo, NY. Fantastic show, and you're right GMan...."Slow Down" brought down the house! Even the Sweet fans in attendance were converts!
  13. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Pat!
  14. I agree Lori! I thought the same thing.
  15. You're right Chris...this is amazing!
  16. Happy Birthday Harry! Nice getting to know you on FB, my friend! (I saved you a dollar this week ) Have a fantastic day!! Kim
  17. Happy Birthday Robin "77"! Thanks for being a great chat buddy...you ROCK! Have a fantastic day!!! Kim
  18. I remember your previous post about this very well. I am very familiar with Roli the Goalie, since he spent a few years as Hasek's back-up for the Buffalo Sabres. He was a class act then, and it's nice to know he still is. Buffalo fans still hold him in high regard, and welcome him warmly when he visits the area. Nice to see a pro athlete be a positive influence, instead of the "bad boy" negative garbage we too often hear about. Now, who's ready for some hockey??????????
  19. Maybe. I did a google search months ago for images of "Eric Carmen's wife". A photo of Andie May came up...no kidding!
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