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  1. Thank you Ira! Your past threads on weight loss & smoking played a part, as you have been one of the positive influences I was referring to. Without this site, I wouldn't know you...at least in the cyber world! "Hogyafied" ("Ho-jayfied") Come on...I can't be the only one to experience positive personal changes from ec.com!
  2. My own "sniglet": Hogyafied: A term used to describe a positive, life-altering change derived as a direct result from the repeated exposure and influence of ericcarmen.com. Such as, but not limited to: - Developing close friendships/bonds - Health changes (weight, smoking, etc) - education (improved computer skills, Prof. Carmen's Music Biz 101, etc.) - Cultural exposure and enlightenment (international membership) Although Eric has been a major influence throughout my life, the changes I've experienced have come not from Eric, but rather from Bernie's creation of ericcarmen.com, and the influence this site and many members have had on me. So, this is my way of honoring Bernie, for the positive changes in which he has unknowingly played a major part in. Hogyafied- Example 1.... This site made me finally stop accepting my fat, old lady status. I got off my fat ass, and gradually lost over 50 lbs. I'm also walking and working out every day at the local YMCA, to get firm and toned. Once again I'm fitting into my "high school" jeans. A fat loss thread here was the catalyst that inspired me to achieve this, with my dear friends Tracy and Robin influencing me with their shout box comments, and cheering me on..... Hogyafied- Example 2.... Also, a smoking thread set the wheels in motion for me. You see, I've been a smoker for many years. When I saw that even Eric had finally quit, I figured maybe I could too...once and for all! With support and encouragement from Tracy and Robin (again), and others, it pleases me greatly to say I haven't smoked in over 2 months. I know that doesn't sound like much, but it truly is. Other times I've tried to quit, I continued to want one throughout the time I was going without. This time I honestly don't want it anymore. I have NO DESIRE to smoke anymore. I think this time it's gonna work!! I am also 100% positive I would still be smoking right now without the influence of ec.com, and the special friends I've made here. These are just two of several examples I could give. How many of you have experienced positive changes in your lives as a result from your visits here? I'd love to hear other's personal accounts of how ericcarmen.com has made a positive impact on your lives...... And.... Thank You Bernie!! Kim
  3. Thanks Carol...and a Happy Friday to you too!! You look terrific!
  4. I'd love to have adorable TJ on my lap....he is so sweet!! Thanks for posting this pic Miriam!
  5. Welcome Mike! Do you live anywhere near Buffalo? Kim
  6. Happy Birthday to Sir Fred from Cleve!! Have a great day, Buddy!! Kim
  7. A Very Happy Birthday Hossy... one of my favorite ec.com posters!! Hope you have a fantastic day!! Kim
  8. Happy Birthday Miriam!! Thanks for your friendship, and all of your help... Have a fantastic day....My FELLACADOOSHA Sistah!!! Kim
  9. Elle, thanks for the update. So glad you're safe!!
  10. Elle & Duane....Please post to let us know you're ok
  11. I've had this live version of Hurts So Bad on my YT for months. It's such a great performance.....I just love it!!!
  12. I would love to catch one of these shows some time! Glad to hear she may be a special lady....
  13. Thanks Ira!! I had no idea Little Anthony & The Imperials did ABM. He still sounds so good!! Did your date like the show? I would have!!
  14. So glad you & your family are safe, Elle!!
  15. Hey Pat, is it too late to join the ECL?
  16. That's fantastic!! Congrats LC!!! Thank you for posting this Aventurine Kim
  17. You're good Monica! Hope you get Eric's attention....when he returns!
  18. This was a wonderful read. John...you never cease to amaze me! Rachel's intelligence and maturity are very impressive. The sign of very good parents! At 13, she has brains and her mother's beauty...... Look out world! Here comes Lil' Tracy...um....I mean Rachel!!
  19. Congrats to Rachel! I'd love to read this!
  20. I....like anyone who's a fan of one of the other AFC East teams (right John?), can't stomach Brady! Therefore......GO GIANTS!!!!
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