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  1. Happy Birthday Elle! Have a fantastic day!!
  2. Happy Birthday Danny! Have a fantastic day!!
  3. Happy Birthday Ira! Have a fantastic day!
  4. Happy Birthday Chris! Wishing a fantastic guy a fantastic day!!
  5. Happy Birthday Pat! Have a fantastic day!!
  6. Though he resembles Dennis Farina, or a menacingly dark, Italian enforcer for the Corleone clan, Inside that large, intimidating frame lies the warm heart of slick voiced crooner & Big Bad Wolf.....GMan Happy Birthday Giro! Have a fantastic day!!
  7. I still really love this, and thought the new members would enjoy it like I do! Thanks Bernie....this is fantastic!! Let the weekend begin!!!
  8. This really made my day! Talk about saving a treasured flower from my beloved......nuts, it wasn't me Seriously, I'm very happy for her. What a memory! Thank you Dan!
  9. Happy Birthday Marilyn! Have a fantastic day!
  10. Sorry this is late Naeko. I hope you had a fantastic birthday!! You're a sweet lady!
  11. Happy Birthday Naeko! Have a fantastic day!!
  12. Nothing like learning from the Master!! ERIC CARMEN VISITS CLEVELAND STUDENTS
  13. Spinoff tangent..... And a year later....May 22, 1973 Let's Pretend is #39 and climbing (Billboard) Just sayin'..... Back to Go All The Way
  14. 3 months not smoking....and going strong!! Hogyafied!!! (I have gained back 8 lbs though, and I don't know how)
  15. My goodness....a Dr. Rob sighting! Things are looking up!!! You are missed Buddy!!
  16. I agree with Tim. I see no reason members should feel they must choose between ec.com or facebook. I enjoy visiting both daily, and I know others do the same. It's true many members here also belong to All For Love on facebook. I started the group primarily to bring back the live chatroom experience, after learning Bernie would have to pay to bring back the chatroom here. I started a thread here last summer inquiring about the chatroom, and Bernie graciously responded with his valid reasons for discontinuing it. I saw other members wanted the chatroom back too, so I responded by trying to help Bernie by bringing it back on FB....free! But, Bernie's right....if facebook continues to self-destruct, destroying the great thing they have going (I hate the Timeline), facebook will die, while ec.com has been and will continue to be the place to hangout to see Eric....and I'm not leaving! Don't worry Naeko, nobody is trying to replace ec.com....so please smile, relax, and enjoy both ec.com and facebook, while we wait for Eric's much anticipated return! Kim
  17. Thank you for the support everybody! As of today I've gone 10 weeks (70 days!!) without smoking.... and I STILL don't want one!!! HAPPY DANCE!!! HOGYAFIED....or HOJAYFIED!!!
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