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  1. Maybe this should be in "Cartoon World". Nothing political intended. I just thought this was a funny use of our beloved Eric's ABM.
  2. I'm trying to find it too Elle, no luck so far. My husband did tell me he didn't think it was Eric.
  3. Hossy- A Very Happy Birthday! I hope you & your loved ones are safe & healthy! I also Thank You for posting the great pictures of Eric!
  4. My husband was watching an NCAA basketball game today (VCU vs Kansas), when a Miller Lite commercial came on. Yep, ABM was the background theme music. I didn't see it, but my husband related the info to me.
  5. THANK YOU THE GREAT MISSM!! By George, I think I've got it!!
  6. Tony- I think I read in a previous thread that Clayton has been taking piano lessons for awhile now, if memory serves me correctly. I'd love to see both of Eric's offspring carry on the musical legacy that's in their blood, with Dad appearing with them occasionally!
  7. Thank You Miriam! As I said, YOU'RE THE BEST!! I thought this photo might give everybody a well deserved TGIF laugh!
  8. Miriam- You're the best!! I'm liking you more & more every day!
  9. I've been hoping and praying that Eric is very busy RECORDING !! (& being a Daddy)
  10. Happy Birthday to a very sweet & very funny lady (a great combo)! I hope you have a great day, & a great year!
  11. Danny Nevereath on WKBW, Buffalo. "Danny gets your fanny goin' in the mornin'." And of course: Wolfman Jack!!
  12. John- I don't think the guys here see you or your great shirt! That's ok, we ladies are noticing your...um...shirt!
  13. Love the "Whip"! Don't like Hellman's.
  14. I heard "Gimme Dat Ding" on Sirius "70's" radio station while at work last night. Thought of you Lori, & this post. I hadn't heard this song in ages. You're right, it's goofy & great! Good choice, it brought an immediate smile to my face-
  15. Did she eat any other "odd" things (No need to go into detail)? Sounds like Pica behavior. Pretty gross tho!
  16. Wow! Sooo glad your date wasn't violent; just obnoxious!
  17. Tracy- You've got me beat! At least my "bandit" was fun, & I had a good time! You're blind date was downright horrific. I understand your temptation to "switch teams"!
  18. I did have a good time with this guy. You're right Tony, maybe I should have been more adventurous!
  19. My first "Subject" thread, and I'm not sure if I should put it in "Cartoon World" instead, but here goes- Does anyone have a good/bad "blind date" experience you would care to share? Here's mine: When I was 18-years-old a "friend" set me up on a blind date with a "nice guy". When he arrived at my place, I opened the door to a very good looking guy with killer eyes. By the way he smiled and acted, he seemed to approve of me too. So far, so good- We went to the area's "hot-spot" for drinks and dancing (drinking age was 18 then). We hit it off splendidly, and were thoroughly enjoying each other's company. After hours of this, I was starting to wonder if he was my "Mr. Wonderful", my Mr. Right". So far, so good- I think the wine started to hit him, as he began talking about how things had changed since he "got out". He was in a very relaxed mood, and admitted to me he was the gun-toting, masked bandit that had terrorized local merchants a few years previously! He had even robbed my brother (a bartender then) at gunpoint! He never actually hurt anyone physically, like that mattered, and he was finally caught and sent to prison. He "got out" of the pokey! So much for "Mr. Right"! So far, Sooo Bad! He was very nice to me that night, and a complete gentleman. But...I NEVER SAW HIM AGAIN!!
  20. Elle- Eric has been calling me BlondeVelvet for years... He just doesn't know it! Back to the thread-
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