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  1. Sorry I'm late Andiemay. I haven't been here. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a great day!
  2. Les, I see you are from Joplin, Missouri. Please post & let us know you are ok! Hopefully you can post!
  3. Tragic, yet heartwarming story. Roloson was a class act when he started his career here for the Buffalo Sabres. Nice to see time & success hasn't changed him. He's still a classy guy. I'm rooting for him. He deserves the Cup!
  4. Happy Birthday Les! Have a great day!!
  5. Welcome mrsunshine! You're gonna love the concert! The Berries sound soooo good! I'm wearing mine out!!
  6. Eric + piano + Let's Pretend = Please....Pretty Please! Let's Pretend!!!
  7. I clicked today too!! Gang????
  8. This is such a great cause, and a great thread. As an animal lover and "Mama" to two rescued cats, I feel it's worth bringing it back to remind EC members to visit this site daily and.... CLICK!!!!
  9. Jackie- Sounds like your Mom was a strong & terrific lady. I am so sorry for your loss.
  10. Jackie- We are family! My thoughts & prayers go out to your Mom & you. Kim
  11. My favorite E*TRADE Baby commercial. (Yeah, I love cats)
  12. Carol, Daughters frequently resemble their mothers. If that's the case, you're beautiful aren't you? Because your daughter is!!
  13. I hear ya, Carol. Been there, done that. How is the Assistant opportunity going? I hope it's still a possibility for you.
  14. HOT DAMN!! LET'S PARTY!!!!
  15. One of my favorite really stupid & really funny movies is "People Under The Stairs", by Wes Craven. Don't we all shoot-up our house on a whim? Gotta love the character of "Roach", "Ima gonna kick yo ass!"
  16. Paulie, I was hoping to get Eric to post a comment. I figure if she can't bring him out of hibernation, then I guess I give up.
  17. Eric, Keep Going, Darlin'!!! & Please Start Posting Again-
  18. Eric's masterpiece keeps going, & going, & going,.............
  19. Elle- Have you ever cut your hand on one of those things? I have!
  20. Paulie- You need to control that bad boy!!
  21. Eric Carmen! I'm not just saying Eric because I'm on this site. He is the only "celebrity" male I've been soooo attracted to, since I was 14-years-old. As an aging adult, I find the strong attraction is accompanied with a deep respect for the man he is. My respect and devotion has never wavered, despite his human imperfections. My husband has always known Eric is the ONLY man he's ever had to worry about. Fat chance = No worries! I do admit Frank Langella, circa 1970 - 1990, gave me lustful "vapors"!
  22. I second that FELLACADOOSHA!!! Cleveland must be estatic! Enjoy this- you deserve it!!
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