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  1. Hi Elle! Thanks for the info. YT identified this as a Japanese video. I had never heard of Kyle, so I assumed...you know the saying pertaining to "assume"... Thank you for the compliment. My post is probably a tad mushy, but I love my Dad! Kim
  2. I've mentioned previously how, when I was a teenager, my Dad & I became closer through our "Berry Bonding", especially our favorite, "Let's Pretend". I visited him at the cemetery today, and I played the live reunion version of "Let's Pretend" for him. I would like to post this particular Raspberries classic as a dedication/tribute for my Dad, but I realize it's been posted several times already. (NEVER A BAD THING!) So, I will post a cover of "Let's Pretend", I've recently discovered, by Kyle Vincent, a very good singer (possibly Japanese?). He's not Eric, but he's not bad. For my beloved Dad for Father's Day
  3. A very Happy Birthday to my fellow EC.com hockey fan! Have a great day!! Kim
  4. Winning championships has become the norm for Boston fans. The Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, & now the Bruins! Their fans are very experienced (spoiled) with the celebrations, & don't feel the need to riot. Now, if the Boston teams should start a severe losing trend..... Yeah, I'm a little jealous! Kim
  5. Things have gotten ugly!! Luongo may need to leave town...."Wanted, Dead or Alive"!
  6. As a hockey fan, I must congratulate the Boston Bruins...2011 Stanley Cup Champions! Winning game 7, in the opponent's (Vancouver) "house", of the final is no cake-walk. I am a Buffalo Sabres fan, but I must give credit where credit is due. The Bruins played their hearts out, and deserve to be the 2011 Champs! Kim
  7. Eric...pulling at the heartstrings, 'nuff said!
  8. PaulMaul, I completely respect your feelings & opinion of I Can Remember. As they say...to each their own. But, I disagree. For me, a shortened, single version of ICR, without the beautiful piano interludes would be the same as the shortened, single version of All By Myself, with the beautiful piano interlude omitted. The single of ABM was ok, but give me the extended version every time. I even used to listened to ABM on my album (Jeez, I'm old!) in the faster 45rpm, instead of 33 sometimes. The piano interlude is still great, though Eric's voice does sound like he had a touch of helium. I also love the faster rock oriented ending of ICR. It reminds me of the faster paced ending of Runaway. In fact, I've always viewed ICR as a precursor for Runaway. Eric's slower, lush piano dominating the beginning and middle, culminating in the faster, and fantastically climactic ending of Runaway. In conclusion, I guess I would be ok with a shortened, single version of ICR, as long as I have the option of listening to the long version instead, like ABM. But, Runaway is perfect. Please, everybody leave this masterpiece alone!! Again, respectfully, just my opinion. Kim
  9. Eric was instrumental (pun intended) in my exposure to classical music, starting with my purchasing a Rachmaninoff cassette...did I say CASSETTE? He's been a wonderful influence!
  10. Oh, those eyes!! Makes me all twitterpated! Thump...Thump...Thump!!
  11. Now there's a look!! I'll have to try that one while shoveling my driveway next winter!
  12. Chris I am so sorry to hear about Rascal. One of the worst days of my life was when I had to make that agonizing decision for my beloved cat. It is devastating. My heart goes out to you, and a big, heartfelt cyber hug. I'm so sorry. Kim
  13. Have A Very Happy Birthday Kiwi!! Kim
  14. BlondeVelvet

    Thank You

    I didn't remove it. I guess those in charge here did.
  15. BlondeVelvet

    Thank You

    The opportunity was just too good to pass up!!
  16. Diamond & Streisand in the same HS choir? WOW!!!
  17. This is a great idea for an ongoing thread! Good one Miriam!!
  18. Little Rob: "Who invited that Booyah boy to my party? All the girls are leaving with him!"
  19. My Best Bedrock Buddy! Have a fantastic day!!
  20. Happy Birthday Aventurine! You are a very classy lady!
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