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    E.C. Daily

    My winner for the sexiest hairy man contest!
  2. BlondeVelvet

    E.C. Daily

    Come now Robin, THIS hairy, virile, "Athletic" dude doesn't make you all hot & sweaty?
  3. Wendy-Ann & Tammi- Looks like you had a terrific time together. Your special bond is apparent & inspiring. There's nothing like a best buddy to share good times with! Cherish each other always.
  4. BlondeVelvet

    E.C. Daily

    My car has a 6-slot CD player. Current listening pleasures include: Berries' Live on Sunset Strip (both CD's), Side 3/Starting Over combo, & EC's Tonight You're Mine. These 4 CD's have been in the player for weeks. The other 2 slots are for other artists, changed regularly. I'm the old lady blasting EC/Berries tunes when I pull into the parking lot at work...I'll convert those young pups I work with yet! Kim PS: pssst...I'm sneaking this post. My husband doesn't know I'm here! Shhhhhh.........
  5. I haven't had the chance until now to check in & catch up. I must say I'm completely overwhelmed by all of your responses. I'm pretty much speechless, & a little teary-eyed (happy tears!). I thank all of you for being so sweet and receptive as I "spilled my guts" to you. Thank you! You're the best! Kim Now, back to the "list" tangent! I love it!!
  6. From the lips of Laura Petrie, "Oh, Rob!" You know I LOVE the classic sports cars! That SS is sooo sweet! Sandwiched between a hot Camaro, and what looks like a sleek T-Bird? And, in the background, so much eye candy for the classic car buff. Is that ZZ-Top's classic beauty, showcased in their videos? Or Jay Leno's Viper? Probably not, but could be! Some very tough competition...Congrats to Sal! Rob, you have attractive daughters, and your wife is a very beautiful lady. You look very happy and proud in the photo with them, and you deserve to be! You're a lucky man, but they are also very lucky ladies to have such a sweetheart as the #1 special man in their lives...Congrats to you, too! Rocky
  7. Am I the only one answering this question from family/friends, when I'm asked about EC.com? To my EC.com family: I want to express feelings that have been eating at me for a long time about this site. This may seem to some of you as silly and self-serving, and I apologize if my thoughts on this thread come across that way. That is not my intent. I'm just wondering if others can relate to my experiences here. And, I apologize for the length. Even though I visit other sites, this is the place where I'm most comfortable. In the short time I've been a member, this place has become my "home" on the 'net. My very 1st search, on my very 1st computer was "Eric Carmen". I've spent time as a frequent visitor here since Bernie's humble beginnings, with his "Labor of Love" declaration and the intro to "Sunrise" playing, with a photo of Eric, on the "enter" page. After feeling so alone in my devotion, for so many years (decades), I was so elated to discover someone else like me, who loved Eric Carmen! Bernie, I gave you the biggest, most heartfelt cyber hug, and I still do!!! In the last 10yrs or so, I've lost everyone who has been the closest to me, except my husband (Thank goodness!). I've been the caregiver for their needs during their illnesses, and those of you who've experienced this know how hard that is, and the pain involved. I always came here for a pick-me-up type of outlet for my own emotional stability, so I could remain strong for my ill loved ones. I want to thank you all for that. Though I've always enjoyed this site and the members here, I was also reluctant to become a member. I was impressed...and intimidated, by so many members who are intelligent, "white-collar" professionals. I am a regular, "blue-collar" working-stiff, and I felt a bit uncomfortable with the notion of becoming an actual member, kind of out of my element...so to speak. I was feeling timidly inferior. But, just like everyone else, the loss of my loved ones has left a lonely void in my life. So, I decided to turn to the place where I've felt so at home, and I finally registered here as a member. Since joining: I've gotten to know some truly wonderful people, and the "intelligent professionals", who intimidated me so, have turned out to be some of the kindest, most considerate, and funniest sweethearts I've chatted with in a long time. I've learned a great deal about computer techniques from some of our computer "brains". I've developed very close friendships with a few very special people, whom I will love forever. Now, as well as before I joined, I've been able to share with all of you the unbelievable experience of getting to know Eric, the man behind my beloved artist, with his own involvement here. I never dreamed I would EVER have this opportunity. Eric, I love you, and I thank you! And, as always, I can count on a few good laughs during my visits. Tracy, Booyah John, Rob, Robin, Reid, Miriam, Paulie, Tony (yes, Cartmill!), and others here frequently make my stomach hurt from laughing. This is just a message to let all of you know how much you've come to mean to me. As I stated in the beginning, this has been eating at me for a while, and I hope I have expressed myself adequately. Just want you to know you've been a very important part of my life. Silly and self-serving? Maybe. Just telling my family I love em'! This is a family! Love, Kim
  8. Happy Birthday Brian! Have a great day! Kim A special "Valentine" for your birthday!
  9. John, I think I just piddled on my cat!
  10. Thanks for the memories! RIP, Lt. Columbo http://screenrant.com/peter-falk-columbo-obituary-schrad-120997/
  11. Miriam, I'm so very sorry for the loss of your precious mother. Please take care of yourself & TJ. Kim
  12. Happy Birthday Ira! (From my backyard to yours) Have a great day! Kim
  13. Wishing you a very speedy recovery! Kim
  14. BlondeVelvet


    That makes two of us. Even though I dated a few Italian men in my single days, I've never heard it called gravy until now. I've learned so much here since I became a member! Kim
  15. Happy Birthday Tammi! Enjoy your special day!! Kim
  16. Hi guys! I looked up the soundtrack for "Super". EC's "It Hurts Too Much" is indeed on it. It's listed as the 3rd song. Can't say the rest of the soundtrack is my cup of tea. Oh well, whatever floats your boat. Kim
  17. BlondeVelvet


    That's ingenious Ira! Kim
  18. BlondeVelvet


    Great thread, Ira! I love to see & smell all of the beautiful flowers. The gorgeous cascade of blossoms, in the springtime, on the huge apple tree in my yard are really something to see. Love taking long walks with my husband, in the summer warmth, & together admiring the abundance of wildflowers in my area. Quality marital chit-chat time for us. I enjoy the arrival of newborn animals, & watching them grow. Baby raccoons, birds, ducklings, fawn, & even baby skunks are adorable. And judging by the porno flick I witnessed 2 rabbits making in my backyard yesterday, baby bunnies should be arriving in the near future...ah, the magic of the great outdoors! Kim
  19. We've lost another great one...RIP Clarence!
  20. Hi Wendy-Ann! Your tribute to your Daddy is beautiful! I still want to play the slow version of "Let's Pretend" for my Dad. He never had the chance to hear it. I LOVE IT, & I think he would have too. Someday I'll figure out how to download it onto a CD. (I'm such a computer idiot! ) Elle & Wendy-Ann are presently here...now we need Tracy, to nicely represent the special, pretty blonde ladies of EC.com! I wish I could include myself, but I can't hold a candle to the beauty of these three!! Kim
  21. It takes one to know one!! Back to this great thread!
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