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  1. I was thinking about this post recently, and decided to go back and view it again.
    I still feel the same way, and want to thank Bernie again for the good things in my life
    that came as a result of being a member here!

    Thanks Bernie!! :D

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  2. Hi Bernie!

    Everything looks good, except I have a question about our personal messages. Are our past messages gone? I have a few I've been saving for sentimental reasons, because they are special to me. Are our archived personal messages gone, with all of us starting completely anew?


    Kim :)

  3. Oh how I envy you, and the rest of the gang who were able to attend the Reunion concerts. I wasn't able to go, but I've been able to live the dream vicariously through everyone's vivid accounts of that magical atmosphere. I could never fully explain in words how much your stories have meant to me.

    I've also thoroughly enjoyed the stories Darlene has told me about her experiences with the Raspberries in their early days!

    I love you guys for that! Thanks!! :)


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