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  1. I was thinking about this post recently, and decided to go back and view it again. I still feel the same way, and want to thank Bernie again for the good things in my life that came as a result of being a member here! Thanks Bernie!!
  2. Hi Bernie! Everything looks good, except I have a question about our personal messages. Are our past messages gone? I have a few I've been saving for sentimental reasons, because they are special to me. Are our archived personal messages gone, with all of us starting completely anew? Thanks, Kim :)
  3. Nice job Bernie, and thanks for bringing back the chatroom!
  4. Sounds great Bernie.... Let me know if I can help with facebook, and integrating the EC Family!
  5. I announced the draft on facebook too, Pat!
  6. Thank you Darlene! (yes, you did get me on FB )
  7. Thank you Suzanne, Pat, & Tony! I'm so happy & proud to have such wonderful friends! All of you are terrific! Kim
  8. Happy Birthday Bernie! Hope you have a fantastic day!!
  9. Best of luck, Ira.....I wish you much happiness!
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