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  1. I just had to say I ordered "Marathon Man" through Smashwords and I am enjoying it so much! Thanks for letting me know about being able to purchase it to read online, since I don't have a Kindle. What a good story, lots of good details for the fans!! Also, I made my husband sit down with me Sunday night and watch the concert DVD (it was the second time I'd watched it since I got the deluxe gift set on Friday)...he really enjoyed the concert a lot, although the only songs he remembered were "Go all the Way" and "I Wanna be with you"...he thought everyone was fantastic musically...I am able to listen to the concert CDs at work so right now I am listening to "I'm A Rocker"...love the three guitar solos in there by Billy, Paul and of course Wally!! just wanted to say thanks and how glad I am to have found the live at Sunset Strip music as well as have am in the process of getting Side Three and Starting Over on CDs (have the first two)...I did just find two of my vinyl albums..Side Three and Fresh..so I propped the Fresh cover up on the wall at home upstairs by my computer like a poster!! (so fun to feel 15 again! lol!!) Kelly
  2. Thanks, Bernie! I will be ordering Marathon Man tonight as soon as I get back home from work! and then, probably stay up half the night reading it :-)! Kelly
  3. Hi Larry, No, fortunately Alderwood High wasn't my high school...I don't think they ever came to Curtis High School in Tacoma WA..or probably ever played in Tacoma...but I thought they would have been to Seattle...thanks for letting me know this date for sure.... thanks for telling me about the Marathon Man, I would love to read it, but can you order it if you don't have a Kindle or an IPad or newer Iphone, etc...? I just have a fairly old cell phone and a desk top computer...my mom does have a Kindle though, and I could get her to order it for me and read it maybe on hers? thanks, I would love to read the book for sure! Kelly
  4. Hi Larry, Thanks for your reply and warm welcome to the board....yes, it is amazing that you did get to see one reunion show, and who knows, maybe Eric will do some solo shows and that would be awesome to see those....I keep thinking back to the 70's when I used to go to a lot of concerts in the Seattle area when I was 17, 18 and I don't know now why I didn't see the Raspberries then...I am sure they must have played in Seattle/Tacoma WA area? Maybe someone knows for sure...anyway, I am thankful I have the reunion DVD, I enjoyed it so much last night on my first viewing...a few times I was going to step away from watching to get something, and I would start to go and then stop because I had to see/hear the rest of the song!!! (I guess that's why they have the 'pause' button on DVD players LOL!)...but I didn't even want to pause! I loved "I'm a Rocker" on the DVD...Billy, Paul and Wally of course were smoking on the guitars...Eric's vocals are just still so amazing...and they all sound so strong, so fabulous! Although I didn't get to see any live shows then and now, I am so glad for what is on video new and the old clips are fantastic too! all the best too! Kelly
  5. You all were so fortunate who got to see the band peform at the reunion shows! I just got my DVD of the House of Blues LA performance yesterday and spent last night watching/listening, I would have LOVED to have been there! I didn't even know there were reunion concerts until just recently...although I was a huge fan in the mid 70's of the Raspberries, I didn't realize until a few months ago they'd gotten back together to do some shows a few years back...I am very thankful for the DVD and the concert CD...I could feel the excitement just from watching the concert, next best thing to having actually been there!! Kelly
  6. I just found this website and joined as I have been a Raspberries fan since I was 15 in 1973. I can remember listening to the first two Raspberries albums all the time, and going through heartbreak/trauma/drama when I was 15 listening to "Don't Want To Say Goodbye" and "I Can Remember". Now I am trying to replace my Raspberries LPs with CD's and just ordered the gift set. Here's my question, I am a fan of Wally's as well as Eric too...what's everyone's favorite "Wally" Raspberries song? Mine is "Last Dance" from Side Three...I think that is such a pretty song. Can't wait to get the live Sunset Strip CD to hear it on there! Thanks all! Kelly
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