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  1. kind of looks like a Hofner Club bass..I liked Erics bass playing on the first LP.... very McCartney-ish style
  2. Happy Birthday Hollies, you are the man!... and the reason I enjoy reading the blogs all these years. I hope the Steelers win tomorrow, I couldnt think of a nicer gift for you! ha!
  3. Great tune and Run Run Away. Love Slade up to Noddy Holder.
  4. Sad, one of the best Songwriters of all time Lieber/ Stoller
  5. all these tunes on this thread are excellent Here is one more that should of been a hit but wasnt by Robert Johnson (not the blues guy) from the 80s..had that Marshall Crenshaw sound but using a Les Paul instead of a strat
  6. Hey Hollies, got all their stuff, that one is great also.. good choice, your taste in music is very close to mine! If I could only get you to love the Steelers just a tad (.01%), we be brothers haha!
  7. Then thats good news for Cleveland fans,they are 8 time Champions! Much better than the Steelers. Your welcome Hollies ha! Houston Oilers were champions in 1961... oh wait so were the Packers..who were the real champions that year? Same for 1962 Dallas Texans...Buffalo Bills... 1965.. I guess they are co champions. Joe Namath is what made the Super Bowls what they are by putting the AFC on the map ( The Steelers were old NFL and were one of the worst teams until they merged to the AFC.) Green Bay deserves the Super Bowl win but are co champions in some of those other years....thats why people focus on Super Bowls.
  8. I understand because you are a true fan....you have my respect Of course I had fun up till today....its a game that doesnt change my life if the Steelers win or lose. Just a fan. Plus Im a die hard Pirate fan...hows that work for me? Mckeesport equals tough towns in Ohio....hard working, blue collar
  9. Thats why I like you Hollies, you are a true Browns fan....and I know you will never like the Steelers....but I still a fan of yours
  10. Too funny James... But since Im a giving guy, let me help you with your memory 28-10 and 41-9....from the team that has the most Super Bowl wins...but hats off to the Packers they played great. could of been worse, it could of been the Cowboys who beat us last in 1996 but they are almost as bad as the Browns since they havent won since.
  11. Well Hollies your wish came true, miserable Sunday for me haha! Green Bay played great. I hang my head in shame... But Im still a fan of most of your post! At least I know the Browns wont win in my lifetime! haha
  12. just shows great things dont have to cost much! Its a great site Bernie, thank you
  13. Gee James, now I feel kind of bad since you put it that way go steelers (in small caps)
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