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  1. Bernie, Thanks so much for the video and audio clips, just a quick reminder of the incredible talents of this man. He truly is a complete talent, performer and musician of the highest order and what a treat to get just a glimpse now and then 30 years later of what i was so fortunate to witness live. and Eric.....Thank YOU........Dean Tyler
  2. Marvin, THANK YOU for sharing a great interview on your part with Scott. It provided some great insight to life during and after the berries. Now I know I have to get Bernies' book very soon. I made the Odeon show, but looks like I'll miss the November reunion. But I gotta believe somehow a video/dvd will come out of it for all of us who want to share that night of history. Job well done Marvin!!!
  3. i have read a couple of times that Wally's flying v is in the rock hall of fame, and actually have seen photos of it there, will be interesting to see if he asks for it back for the show or hopefully showS....
  4. Well,based on the Odeon show a few years back and what I remember of the opening moments on The Cleveland Music Hall show after Side 3 was out, WHATEVER the line up is and WHATEVER they play, It's my guess any one of us who is fortunate enough to be at that first show or any shows that may go after that, will be ELECTRIFIED from moment one. As I posted earlier, even with Dave, Wally,Jim and Scott on stage at the Odeon, call it what you will..."IT" will be damn special...
  5. As far as the talents of Jim Bonfanti and Mike McBride go, I saw them both play a few times, and bottom line is , they are both very talented and unique in their styles. The major memory that comes to mind in the difference was that Mcbride played with a style that could only be desecribed as "BIG, LOUD AND INTENSE"...THOUGHT HE WAS GONNA BEAT THE DRUMS LITERALLY OFF THE STAGE, ALOT of power there. But let me say this also, at the ODEON show, until JIM, Wally and Dave finally were on stage singing and playing did you truly realize the 'CHEMISTRY" in style and sound that was all their own, it was what made them special, period. Add Eric to the mix, and for those of us who saw it live, It was unlike anything I have heard, then or now.
  6. WOW. a new tune f rom Eric..and after finally getting to hear Devil and Deep Blue Sea last week, it's just very clear to me that his voice, passion in his delivery combined with that wonderful thing he knows how to write and find, called a "song hook",Eric continues to stand alone. This new tune is an example of the pure power that comes from within the talented Mr. Carmen.....
  7. Hey Mick!! Great to find you..followed Circus a ton back then and met you several times. Can you fill us in on what has gone on with Phil and other members of the band since then. And do you have a direct e mail where I can contact you? Dean Tyler
  8. Just got a listen to Motley Crue's version of "TONIGHT"...Well.....VERY interesting and..VERY different take on it from the Crue boys.......lol
  9. Finally got a chance to her Devil and Deep Blue Sea Demo..after a few listens, it has MAJOR LEAGUE MOVIE soundtrack written all over it for the next big love torn romance flick. The man sings like he's been there, and that has ALOT to do with Power Of this very special song..
  10. hey if anyone wants a cd copy of the CIRCUS ALBUM taken from the lp, e mail me and i'll send it out to ya..dean.tyler@deantyler.com enjoy....
  11. Here's the Circus info I remember...Phil Alexander on vocals and keys, Dan Hrdlicka guitar, Rich Reising, Tommy Dobeck-drums and mick sobol on guitar, this is the unit that recorded The one and only Circus album with stop, wait and listen on it..then "THE TRADE" Hrdlicka and Reisng left to form Majic, which became Erics first touring back up band and played on his first solo album somewhat. Brothers Craig and Bruce Balzer joined Circus. Craig played guitar and could also sing lead, although Phil Alexander stayed on as vocalist and keyboard player, Bruce was a talented slide guitar player. This band looked incredible onstage and seemed headed for stardom..didn't happen...Alexander left and the Balzer Brothers and other Clevelanders became AMERICAN NOISE, great band and they put put one very nice album, much better than the Cirus offering which i need to find again...but alas...it went nowhere and they disbanded...a shame for sure...Talked with Michael Stanley at Berries Odeon show, and ran those names by him and as far as he knew , all were out of music biz and out in real world somewhere...hey..."IT'S ONLY ROCK N ROLL" BUT AS I SAID EARLIER...THIS WAS A SPECIAL TIME IN CLEVELAND MUSIC HISTORY...My new e mail by the way is dean.tyler@deantyler.com
  12. Although this is an EC site, those of us who saw the Berries also enjoyed hearing and seeing another Cleveland band named Circus who had regional success and had riots at high schools from kids wanting to get in to see them live. Well a friend brings over a NEW copy of their only album featuring "Stop, Wait and Listen", I was shocked that I would EVER hear this again and all of a sudden I was 17 again..... Those of us that were there will understand...
  13. Well finally heard plainjane version of go all the way..not bad at all, great high harmonies, but when the lead singer is out on his own, the truth of Eric's unqique vocal talent is easily heard. Sounded like a real solid bar band overall and it was just fun to hear someonetake a shot at an ec song!! Dean Tyler
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