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  1. Eric..cars and rock n roll...ALWAYS a winning combo...ENJOY!!!! Dean
  2. Eric.....just wanted to say it's good to see you active on this site again, hopefully it's a bit of something that's as good for you as it is for all of us out here who look forward to hearing from you. Dean
  3. Peter Sweval was the other very strong voice from Looking Glass who went on to join Starz and died years ago. I just wondered without his voice, how the overall "true" sound will be without him?
  4. I LOVE that movie and the whole story rings true in many ways in the real old ways of having a "local" regional type of hit and how it gets bigger from there..seen the movie MANY times, loved the "hit" song from the movie and it indeed makes you want to pick up a bass or guitar and learn it..it is VERY catchy.
  5. To Bernie.... How fortunate for Eric to have a friend in you...You are a class act through and through. Dean
  6. Eric and ANYONE with half a working ear are right on...B.J.THOMAS is an INCREDIBLE vocal artist with a fairly long list of hit records spanning different formats and styles for the past 30 years. OK...so call me "guilty" of liking and admiring this very talented and unique sounding man.......and like EC, in person, a very warm , likable and "real" human being. Dean
  8. JCraft..What WAS your Scott McCarl question? I'm a huge fan of his, maybe I can help with an answer? Dean
  9. PS...The Mavericks bass player was married to country singer Trisha Yearwood, who is now married to Garth Brooks, which is definately a VERY solid 2 income family!!! ok ok..tooo much information.... Dean
  10. Fell in love with his voice and The Mavericks from their first big hit "oh what a crying shame" years ago. They made a big splash quickly, then never followed it up. The usual breakup story, regrouped and in between all that Raul has sung and played on a wide variety of projects, and that is completely understandable considering his vocal range. The boy as they say in the country muisc world,"Can flat out get er done"!!! Dean
  11. AJ, Thanks...I LOVED that band, and I'm sure I wouldn't miss a chance to see them again, especially since it's the original guys. Next to the berries, AD was a huge part of MY personal sound track and I have not forgottem them at all. I hope they somehow make it to Florida someday soon.
  12. A.J and Tony... I checked out the old and newer clips from your site A.J., neat trip back! But...truthfully I must say the clips from late 80's and now clearly show how Billy's voice has gotten REAL raspy and yes..he sounds ALOT like a Rod Stewart sound alike. The great song hooks still remain throughout, but I have to wonder now if I saw them live, would I feel bad they are so far from what I remember and maybe should have stayed home with the original cd's and leave my memories intact..Observation..After watching some berries old video and current reunion footage,I would jump at the opportunity to see ec and the boys now without hesitation, Incredible then, and electrifying NOW... Dean
  13. Dear Tony "I have too much time on my hands to say anything nice about anybody"... Living where you do, have you ever actually SEEN OR HEARD LIVE, Artful Dodger? Well..For those of us who did have the opportunity to see them quite a few times and also bought their records and/or cd's,I truly enjoyed their brand of hook-ladened pop tunes. Billy was a solid front guy and had a voice that was uniquely his, and I found their blend of acoustic and electric guitars enjoyable to not only hear but play on my own. As far as how they look and sound NOW, I can't offer an opinion, but given the chance to see them again these days would be something I would certainly look forward to. I saw them open for EC at least once after he went solo, maybe Eric has a memory or thought to share about them? Tony, I'm sure behind all your prolific negativity there might be a decent guy, it's just a shame we never see or hear it here... Dean
  14. Smart, mature move, not ruining OUR fun, and the fact we love the MAN and..his music. Is he perfect, I doubt it, but neither am I, and for the record, I have met Eric a few times over the past 25 years, and he has been nothing but warm, articulate, fun and engaging to be around. But that's just one man's opinion.We wish you all the best, we truly do, for life is too short to feel otherwise. Dean
  16. Bernie...I'm sure you know just how much fun and how we value every morsel of audio and video you share with us, especially those who may never have personally experienced ec and and/or the berries with their live magic. THANKS..... Dean
  17. Eric... In all my reading about the berrie's, I can't recall any mention or stories involving the traditional "Tour Bus".? Did you guys ever use one for an extended period as you toured with the first or second edition of the group, and if so, any stories, moments or memories come to mind involving one and the miles and miles aboard such a vehicle? Thanks, Dean
  18. Eric.... It's so MANY things, GATW the start, a song that you will never forget, Berries being the soundtrack of my younger years, graduating in 1975, and growing up in a Cleveland suburb,wanting to be you and the Berries,then your solo material, being in and out of love, relationships etc. The list "why",is long, including seeing the Berries live many times and you solo also, meeting all four of you over the years and being treated with warmth and kindeness. I could go on, but I think all of us out here, indeed understand "why" we love your talents and the place in our lives it has played. To the boys in the band..THANK YOU..... Dean Tyler
  19. Jeezus!!!!! Just listened to the Raspberries mp3 radio special Bernie put up a few weeks back. Hadn't heard "Play On" in a LONG while, and well.... It just blew me away!!! This time hearing the main vocal and background vocals again, and I close my eyes and can swear The Beatles sat in..UNREAL. From the huge intro riff, Scott's heartfelt vocal and everything else thrown in and once again I am amazed as to what this band was able to bring and how soooo many didn't then and STILL don't "GET IT"... So Scott (and hope like heck he gets to read this..)Bernie and the boys in the band, damn!!!THANK YOU ANOTHER MILLION TIMES OVER FOR YOUR MUSICAL GIFTS TO THOSE WHO INDEED, "GET IT", THEN AND NOW.... Dean Tyler
  20. Bernie.....WOW....what a treat for all, you continue to amaze! What a great audio trip back down Berry lane...Dean
  21. To Eric, It's a huge honor and pure fun to see you reply more on the board than in the past to those who love and respect your music,time and talents! To Tony, Eric told you straight. As a proud pop of a six year old daughter, your life will soon go places you never dreamed possible and your former life will pale in comparison! Dean
  22. Did anyone here attend the Artful Dodger show in Cleveland in December? If so, any info or review would be appreciated
  23. I was lucky enough to see Dynamite play some of it's very first gigs locally in Cleveland after Dave and Jim left the 'Berries. They were best described as some of the elite players locally who got together. One BIG memory. I was in the crowd at a local club where Dynamite was debuting. I was standing in front watching a warm up group, turned to my left and there stands Dave Smalley! I was in awe, talked to him a couple of minutes and of course he was extremely nice and friendly. Don't recall an album after that from them, but the encounter with Dave remains ..."fresh"..lol Dean Tyler
  24. just voted myself for berries...let's get it on so they win!!!
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