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  1. Bernie... Trying like hell to get Eric a 1998 8mm video of him playing in a celebrity softball game . It's 8mm.. I'm sure he and his kids would love to see it!?.. I told him about the tape many years ago.  Dean Tyler 216 287 8650.. dean@deantyler.com.... 

  2. Bernie... Found 1998 8mm video of Eric in Florida playing in a charity softball game!!!.. Years ago I mentioned it to Eric... He laughed.. and told me Not... Lololol.. to post All of it.... Let's just say..... He kinda..... Struck out... I'm sure Clayton would also Love to see it.... How can I get it to you... To give to Eric? Thanx.. Dean Tyler... dean@deantyler.com... 216 287 8650.... Help!!!!! 

  3. Saw the first "partial" get together at Odean years ago..it was wonderful..met Wally, but regret not waiting to meet Scott.Got the video and so much of the great material was Scott's...what a damn talent so few know about....Go if ya can..it's STILL ROCK HISTORY FOLKS..GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  4. Hey All, The tape transfer went well to Dvd, so be on the lookout here for some never before seen clips of EC in action on the baseball diamond and behind the scenes from around 1999 or so, fun to watch!!
  5. To all true EC fans!... I fianlly cleaned out my storage unit today and found the video tape from around 1998 or so of Eric playing in a charity baseball game in Fort Myers, Florida wearing an Indians uniform to boot. I have to have it transferred to dvd so I can edit it down and upload parts of it here on the site for all to enjoy. Look for it soon!!! It's been years since I have viewed it myself, so I am excited as well to see what all is on it. Dean
  6. Absolutety...I will dig the tape up..it's pricelss to any EC fan, but per Eric's request, he'll get the full copy of the day to share with his family,but there is plenty to see and enjoy that I can edit in and would be glad to share..it's a rare glimpse of him playing the game he loves and the special moments he gave me and other ec fans there that day..I am sure you will all enjoy and get a kick out if it! Dean
  7. Eric, the tape and the truth of that day's play will forever be sealed..lol Means ALOT to me that you remembered that special day for me...You sure you don't want the tape of the game to show Clayton how NOT to play?????..lol DT
  8. Haven't been on in awhile, but I wanted to share this story of meeting Eric a few years ago and what he did for me. He and David Spero appeared at a preseason baseball game here in Fort Myers, Fla. around 1998 or so, No..Eric did Not sing the anthem alone, he joined in with several people on the mound to do so. I had heard he might appear, so I brought my EC first solo album and a video camera with me. Well there was my idol wearing a Cleveland Indians uniform signing autographs along a rail. I was madly in love at the time with a girl named Darlene, and our favorite song was "Love is all that matters"..I asked Eric to sign the album, he did..and I then asked him if he would look into my video camera and say.."Darlene..love is all that matters", and..he did indeed do so....I played the video for her later that night and it was a magical moment I obviously never forgot..she and I didn't last, but the special day and what Eric did for me will forever...For those of you who never have had the pleasure of meeting this talented and tender-hearted man as I have a few times...I have 2 words for you.."CLASS ACT"... The video is somewhere I hope in my storage unit..I'll try to dig it up and post it here in the future. Just wanted to share..Dean
  9. I never got to meet Scott when he played with Wally and Jim at the Odeon a few years back, it's something I regret. I did however make contact with him and he was able to send an Eric scrapbook I had for years and get it into Eric's hands which I confirmed later when I met Eric at a charity ballgame in Fort Myers. For those of you who HAVEN'T heard Scott's Play On cd, you are cheating yourself. It is nothing short of a pop gem without a weak note or voice on it, just go get one ok????? You'll thank me later........The video clip we see on this post is pure musical magic, it's SPELLS ROCK N ROLL..the look, the energy, the tunes..you couldn't design a super group like this if you wanted to.....it chills me every time I play it.How a total talent and nice human being doesn't get his due and opportunity to share his talents with millions is simply a shame. I consider myself blessed to have seen live both versions of Raspberries, Eric solo many times and the 3 who appeared at the Odeon. On every one of those nights, the world seemed right and I was witness to the true definition of rock and musical GENIOUS in action..THANKS BOYS...I hope all of you take a moment now and then to give yourselves a bit of credit for sharing your gift of music to sooo many out here who have never forgotten one note of what you brought us....and Mr. McCarl...Scott..you are a HUGE talent who we witnessed for way too short of time, which makes me sad, really..but I got the Odeon video and your cd and starting over to remember you by. I hope oneday we can contact you directly to share our thoughts, memories and give thanks directly to you for all that you gave us in what was a very short time!!! Scott, give us the pleasure and honor of communicating with you, let us make your day in return for many nights of pop music brilliance.....Dean
  10. I have been watching and listening to a bunch of Jesse Bryson videos and music. I really hope to meet the kid someday and tell him how we all feel about his very talented Pop...Hope he makes it too..question..he looks , plays and moves like Wally Jr.....but..does he have Wally's clever, dry, sarcastic and fun sense of humor also...??? Anyone meet Jesse??? Any thoughts???
  11. Also saw them back in the 70's, Very good rock pop, melodies etc.Couple of members came from group called Looking Glass. I read that lead singer Micheal Lee Smith is the brother of teen idol/singer Rex Smith who had a decent hit called "you take my breath away". "Cherry Baby" is a MUST hear from ANY berries fan. They are still out there in bars these days and on you tube, check em out!
  12. Does anyone have the "inside story" of how long the berries were given to play at HOF gig and what was the set list? Thanks! Dean
  13. I agree..this will be second tour without Christine McVie. IF....she had been included this time, maybe I could see it happening. Plus with Lindsey just releasing and touring behind his new cd this smells of the band needing some cash...hard to believe, but I wouldn't be surprised....
  14. Why would someone soo talented, well-respected and loved by this very special community, NEVER involve himself in ANY way, shape or form? No interviews, pictures, comments, in-person appearances..nuthin..? Met him at a home improvement store in high school, a thrill, but he was short with us, never smiled, and reacted to our joy in seeing him by chance like it was a death notice.Don't mean to judge him at all, I don't know him, but does ANYBODY? Just seems sad, and I am sure there is much we don't know that backs alot of this up. But if anyone has a morsel of info, thoughts, sightings..hell..ANYTHING about Michael, I'd love to hear it. Also, if you dig deep enough, I have read a few times that he was a VERY good vocalist also, EC..anything you could share? Thanks gang.
  15. Eric and Clayton, Congrats to both of you, The proud Dad and the talented young student and son, BRAVO!!!!
  16. Good question, I work in the radio bidness, and their used to a "rule" or law, that you could use a song snippet under 7 seconds or so without permission..good example was, Michael Buffer, the ring announcer who came up with "LET'S GET READY TO RUMMBBLLEEE!!!!!" I heard that the actual full clip was over that time limit and he had it registered or whatever and you indeed have to have his permission and pay to play it.
  17. Was watching "Scrubs" later in the evening Tuesday, and Doctor "Elliot(female doc by the way)and the female staff shrink were sitting at a lunch table singing ABMS and waving their arms wildly..not sure why, but certainly one of the more interesting tv snippets of EC's classic when you least expected it! Dean Tyler
  18. Lucky me...when Eric was first out on solo tours in Cleveland, I went to go see him I think at Music Hall, as EC was to open for SWEET. Well, as we are waiting there for EC to open up, some roadies come out and start setting up a drum kit, amps etc. hmmmmmmm..well folks, without prior notice or fanfare, ARTFUL DODGER takes the stage! What a night....AD were great as always, great tunes, big hooks, harmonies..sound familiar???? Best surprise of my young life...EC then hits the stage with Sunrise, and Sweet proved to be overweight, toothless and boring. End of a pretty great story, don't ya think? Dean Tyler
  19. Eric, saw you guys in both berrie's versions in the 70's and hopr to see you again someday soon. The nagic with you and the incredible Mr.Bryson was clear fron day one. Steven Tyler has and needs his Joe Perry, and the same musical magic is obviously ther when you two are "on". ec,you said it,"im not it for the money",I just want a hit record".Im sure the money is nice and we all need it, but ALL of us out hear, need to see and here the great musical vibe that ONLY you and Wally can provide. As usual Eric, you showed us your heart and class with this post and it means alot to all us lifelong Berrie fanatics!! EC AND WALLY..THANK YOU..... Dean Tyler
  20. Eric, saw you and wally and both berries versions in the 70's. Saw and heard the magic back then and hope to see it again in the future. Steven Tyler has Joe Perry, you have the incredible Mr.Bryson...you are ying to his yang or something like that!???? The post you put up made all of us feel great that after all these years and rumours etc., that you do indeed love and respect each other. As usual, Eric, you showed your heart and class and we are forever grateful. You two were put on stage for a reason, and from day one, all of us knew and felt it and can only say, "THANK YOU" for all of your gifts of incredible music and joy for over 30 years! Eric, as you said.."I'm not in it for the money, I just want a hit record"..Well, we slip in the cd or dvd and the answer is VERY clear in the grooves. Dean Tyler
  21. Eric......this topic has gotten off the mark and silly, I truly would like your thoughts on Mike McBrides overall vocal abilities, as I have always heard he could easily sing lead yet there is nothing out there to really hear his voice up front.ps....Do you talk with him much at all these days? Thanks again! Dean
  22. EC....I have read a few times that Mike McBride in addition to being a powerful drummer actually had a voice that did and could be used as a lead. But there seems to be nothing out there where we can hear him directly. Can you shed some light on the your take on his vocal abilities? And...do you talk with him much at all these days? Thanks, EC!!!!!! DEan Tyler
  23. If you tired of tryig to find any "new" music that moves you, just take the time time to grab a copy of Scott McCarls "PLAY ON" CD....You'll love it, then get mad as hell like me that he, Eric or SOMEBODY didn't follow up on his talent. He had the whole package..the look,incredible range of voice and songwriting talents to boot. I hear some of the same hooks and talent in Matchbox 20, but nothing else much out there that combines it all...justs seems a shame that talent like that didn't get heard...makes me crazy.....Scott..you deserve to be heard again as part of ANY reuionion that may or may never happen again.....I was there for the ODEON show you put together and regret I didn't get to me meet you. although I met your mom and sister earlier in the day at the rock n roll hall of fame. I hope you get to read this and know your many talents DID NOT go unnoticed. You have many gifts, and THANK YOU for sharing them for way to short of time for us out here...... Dean Tyler Ft. Myers, Fla.
  24. Eric....as talented as you are, you are also flesh and blood like all of us fans...you made a mistake, learned from it and are moving on.... Glad to hear it's clearing up and you are moving on.....we miss you,love ya and it's great to have you back on the board with us..it does US good also!!!!!!! YOU TAKE CARE EC !!!!
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