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  1. So, so sad He looked great in the pics from the taping of That Metal Show on July 23 (also with Michael Sweet of Stryper).
  2. Hope you have a ROCKIN good birthday!!!
  3. http://www.usmagazine.com/moviestvmusic/news/alice-in-chains-rocker-mike-starr-dead-at-44-201183
  4. TartanBo

    Your first job?

    Like most young girls, babysitting. At 15 I worked behind the counter at a bakery just a block from my house. I think I only lasted about 2 weeks, LOL. Next was in a donut shop (I couldn't stand to eat or smell donuts once I left after several months). I then worked in the deli section of a liquor store for several months. I make EXCELLENT samiches (Wendy can vouch for that, lol).
  5. Bread pudding needs to be moist...not soggy and not dry...and have some great flacor I love japanese sticky rice with teriyaki sauce mixed with it.
  6. I had never tried bread pudding til about 10 years ago and.....I LOVED it! Bread pudding shouldn't be "soggy" though. Bread pudding is basically french toast, just in a different arrangement, if you will.
  7. Some would say rice is not a dessert, however, there's rice pudding as well as some asian rice desserts. I like my rice as....rice....not in pudding, LOL.
  8. Ok...that definitely is EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!
  9. I posted the following on my Facebook and am getting a decent response, so I thought I might post it here and see what happens, lol. You know that "odd" combination of items that you eat that others wrinkle their nose at or say "EWWWWWWWW", yet you think it tastes great? What is that something you eat that is just the "oddest" combination (in most other's eyes, lol)? One of mine is a piece of cold chicken fried steak on a biscuit with grape or blackberry jelly...a salty/sweet thang
  10. Thank you guys, I really appreciate it It's still so hard to fathom and I've cried all night just thinking about it all I came across a quote that sounded just right: “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.â€
  11. I've read the news of the passing away of a concert buddy I've known for several years now. He had a heart attack after the Y&T NYE show. I had spoken and hugged him before the show began. I'm stunned and saddened with tears streaming down my face. I would always see him at the Night Ranger shows and in October he gave me a drumstick that he caught (Kelly Keagy's) cuz he knew how much I love that band. He was the biggest Y&T fan. Can't believe he's gone..... Steven, your wings have now taken you to heaven.....RIP my buddy, aka Mighty Proud Eagle.... The pic is of him with John Nymann and John's wife, Steven is in the middle.
  12. So many things have changed in our family over the years, however the one tradition that has kept going throughout it all is that the kids would be able to open up one gift on Christmas Eve..which was new pj's, so that we'd have something nice to wear to bed and to be in for pics come Christmas morning. We have kept that tradition going with my niece and nephew I was always excited to get new pj's.....
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