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  1. Hey this is 1 of my favourite pics! They all look so adorable! Great picture Bernie, i luv it!
  2. Eric, i luv the version w/ the background vocals. When i got the Defintive Collection CD and i heard that version of Boats, i was a little suprised when i heard how different it was. I luv both versions of Boats, and i really mean that. The songs that u chose 2 put on The Definitive Collection were all really great. Your music is what helps me make it through the tough days @ school.
  3. Hey i have that CD! The Raspberries Live On Sunset Strip is awesome!!! The videos on the DVD are great! I absolutely luv The Raspberries, even though i'm only 16, LOL!!! And i totally agree that Go All The Way is the best song that they have ever written, it's 1 of my favourites.
  4. Wow, is that a poem because i luv it!!!! It's the rite poem 4 Eric! And i absolutely luv that picture w/ Eric sitting at the piano. Very sophisticated and handsome!
  5. In that photo with Eric screaming his lungs out, i'm surprised that his voice wasn't all raspy after that!!! I know i could never scream out lyrics 2 a song because i don't have a very strong voice. But, i used 2 be able 2 scream so loud when i was little, LOL!!!!
  6. HAHAHAHA!!!! Fresh, u are hilarious!!!
  7. HAHAHAHA, Eric u sound funny when stuff drives u crazy!!!! LOL, "umpteenth!!!" I luv that video!!! I think i've seen it like a million bajillion times, LOL!!!! Nice outfit in the video by the way!
  8. Awww, now i really am dissapointed and sad! I really thought that was Eric singing, i had no idea that it was Frank Previte. He's got a great voice though, i luv the demo! I got all excited 4 nothin', LOL!!! And possibly a little crazy! I was wondering who the girl was that they used in the Hungry Eyes video. She looks familiar.
  9. Oh, now that's a great picture!!! He's screaming into the microphone!!! Thanks Bernie!!!
  10. OMG, he just sooooo cute in those 2 pictures!!! It's just so dang dumb that i had 2 be born 14 years later after his tour of Japan! I missed out on the 80's, but my mother saw it all! Gteat pictures Bernie!!!! I luv Eric's hairstyle!!!
  11. BTW, who was the girl they used in the Hungry Eyes music video? She looks familiar.
  12. OMG, i just got goosebumps hearing the beginning of the song!!!! Is that Eric singing? It kinda doesn't sound like him, but if it is him, his voice sounds like an angel, OMG!!!!!! I want this song!!!! I'm not being sarcastic either, LOL!!!! I luv it!!!! But i'm also going crazy rite now!!!!! If that's not Eric singing, i'm gonna be really sad, LOL!!!!! Or possibly dissapointed and mad!
  13. Need more Eric Carmen videos and music!!! I still haven't heard the songs from his 1985 Geffen album. I need new music!!!! LOL!!!!!
  14. HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!!!!! That's funny, LOL!!!! That made me laugh so hard!!!
  15. OMG, i luv that picture!!! He's so cute!!! I agree with everybody that has the most cutest eyes. So cute!!!! This is how i describe the picture. It's "adoribibel." -That's how my BF pronounces it!
  16. Whoa, are u serious? You were in London @ the time! The shoes u were wearing look so cool. Hey, but the surroundings in the photo don't look like London. It kinda looks like the outback forest of the Cleveland area. Awesome!!!
  17. I strongly agree! The picture with him @ the piano is great. I want those sneakers he was wearing, they look so cool. Thanxs Bernie!!!! That picture is awesome! There's not much more i could say, LOL!!!!
  18. O.K., so in an episode of Family Guy where Peter gets bitten on the arm by Brian, he tells Lois that he hasn't been that scared since the time he got mugged by Gene Shalit! So here's the line from the most funniest scene: Don't "Panic Room." I'm not going to "William Hurt" you. I just want you're "Tango & Cash." So just "Pay It Forward." And we'll all be "Happy Gilmore." And then Peter says: "What"? LOL, that scence cracks me up!!! I just hope everyone else finds this funny!!!
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