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  1. I know a few people that weren't in school today. LOL, i might even brag about it to them tomorrow!!! There are a couple more and i'll get to those as soon as possible.
  2. Do u see him? He's kinda hard to see but he's right next to the guy in the jersey outfit. Whoo! I'm tired now.
  3. Yeah everyone went crazy! And no one knew he was coming. Well, except for the principal and a few of the other adults.
  4. I had a really awesome day at school today. We had a pep assembly for a thing called Get Up And Get Moving and Kid Rock himself came for a visit!!!! He also donated $5,000 to our school along with an autographed guitar! He are some pictures that were posted on Facebook! The last 2 pictures are kinda hard to see. And no, i didn't take these pictures, LOL!!! I will keep my eyes peeled for more. Enjoy!!! Seeing Kid Rock with my own eyes was just so awesome!!!!!
  6. To get Eric out of hibernation, post more pictures of girls that he likes I might know a few of his weaknesses. Take Helena Christensen into consideration and post some pictures of her, LOL!!!
  7. Me too, i'm on Facebook also! Hey Matthew can i send u a friend request? Myspace got stupid, i don't even bother going on there anymore 'cuz it's too slow.
  8. Aventurine do u know who Kaya is? If u don't, he is a singer from Japan, but i don't know if he still lives there. I thought maybe u would like this song since i listen to it all the time. It's very calming. Here, give it a listen, it's called 'Hydrangea'
  9. Awwww Do i have to? Well, Zac Efron is closer to my age, i think he's 4 or 5 years older than me.
  10. Chris Isaak My reason: This picture is_______! Fill in the blank [img:center] ~From the HUBBA HUBBA collection~
  11. Ok here's my list (beware, it could go on 4ever ) : Eric Carmen (I admit it! Ever since i knew who he was i've always dreamed about marrying him, LOL!!! I was only 12 or 13 years old, There are more reasons, but i don't wanna share ) Richard Marx Tobey Maguire Jake Gyllenhaal Chris Isaak Sting (the singer not the wrestler) Zac Efron Justin Bieber Emilio Estevez C. Thomas Howell Matt Dillon Rick Astley Magne Furuholmen, Morten Harket, and Pal Waaktaar-Savoy (from the band A-Ha) Wally Bryson (How can anyone resist the young smile of Wally Bryson) Leonardo DiCaprio Bill Paxton Don Johnson ......and there are many more Oh yeah, and also Michael J. Fox
  12. Since i am still young (16 almost 17), i still have a lot of time to think about marriage. But i wish i could marry Chris Isaak I don't think the age really matters. Do we need anymore details or is that it 'cuz i actually have a whole list of famous guys that i wanna marry. I won't give out a list until someone asks me, LOL!!!
  13. Happy Birthday! Hope u are doing well! Many birthday wishes and prayers from the snowy state of Michigan.
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MissM!!!! Happy, happy birthday, happy birthday cake!!! Happy, happy birthday, pin the tail on the sea horse!!! LOL, that was from an episode of SpongeBob SqaurePants! -Ralyssa (Razzberry)
  15. LOL!!! Brian: "You're drunk." Stewie: "Your're sexy." Samuna Stena Stana Steena Hhhamuno.... Hamu libu Labulay... Stobbin ubba BRAND NEW DAY!!! It's peanut butter jelly time!!! Hey Rachan, i couldn't find good video quality for Stewie practicing for the olympics. I could only find drunk Stewie. I'll have to look on Hulu.com for more.
  16. YAY, i finally found my Family Guy post!!!! Now that i figured out how to post videos, you can enjoy these hilarious clips from Family Guy! Here's the 1st pick(s) of the day:
  17. HA, i finally got it dowloaded, YAY!!!!! I will make sure 2 treasure it 4ever.
  18. Maybe Anne Hathaway and Natalie Wood r related. O_O WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (that was the sound of a scary ghost) O.O They do look exactly alike........... Who knows........... O_O
  19. Sweeet!!! Hey, there was this one time when i was listenin' 2 That's Rock 'N Roll on my MP3 player and i was singin' along. I must've been singin' 2 loudly 'cuz people were lookin' @ me like i was crazy, LOL!!!! -Sorry it took me a while 2 respond.
  20. On Christmas day, the tradition that me, my mom, and brother do is go c a movie @ the mall. I hope seeing a movie every year on Christmas counts as a tradition, LOL!!! And we also open presents. And i guess that's about it. <---- "Santa Baby"
  21. That's really funny, LOL!!!!! I'm definetely 16 years old and i'm sick of school! The version i sang on my 16th b-day went a little like this: Well I am 16, and sick of school I don't what I want to do I bought a CD, I loved it truely That's rock and roll It's a little weird, LOL!!!
  22. OMG, i didn't know that u are David Prater!!! LOL, i've been talkin' 2 u the whole time and didn't know that it was you! I would just like 2 say that u did a really very wondeful job on producing Hungry Eyes, i really luv it. When i 1st listened 2 the demo, i had no idea that it wasn't Eric Carmen. LOL, i'm only 16 years old and i'm crazy about music from the 80's. It must be weird that i luv 60's, 70's, and 80's music @ a very young age. I think i'm even the youngest board member on EC.com, LOL!!! I want the Hungry Eyes demo so badly 4 my MP3 player! Your Friend, ~Razzberry~
  23. Ugh, i really don't like my last 2 posts on this 1, LOL!!! I went crazy a little bit! But, i still luv this version of Hungry Eyes by Frank Previte. And i want this song 4 my mp3 player! I feel embarrassed on those posts, LOL! I'll never do that again
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