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  1. Peter: "Katie!!!" Katie: "WHAT???!!!" Peter: "Oh well never mind." Stewie Cruise: "I'm in love with Katie Holmes, I'm in love with Katie Holmes!!! I'm not gay, go see my new movie! I'm in love with Katie Holmes, I'm not gay!!!!"
  2. Happy Birthday Eric!!!!! 2morrow is your birthday and i am off to a concert. I'm goin' to see Chris Isaak, YAY!!!! Have a fantastic day 2morrow and save me some cake!
  3. Congratulations to MissM and her husband on there new little bundle of joy!!!
  4. Does anybody watch Everybody Hates Chris? They played All By Myself in a scene! And i found it! The song starts @ 2:57 mins.
  5. Santa: "WHAT YOU WANT??? WHAT YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS???" Stewie: "Umm I was thinking maybe one of those old timey..." Santa: "TOO LATE! TAKE TOO LONG! SAD CHRISTMAS!!!" Santa: "WHAT YOU WANT???" Kid: "Firetruck!!!" Santa: "WHAT COLOR???" Kid: "Red!!!" Santa: "NEXT!!!" Kid: "AHHHHHH!!!"
  6. In this topic everyone can share there collection of Eric Carmen and The Raspberries albums that they own. I will share my list. You can also include collections of autographed pictures, books, shirts, etc, etc. Eric Carmen collection: 1. The Definitive Collection 2. All By Myself: The Best Of Eric Carmen 3. The Best Of Eric Carmen 4. Eric Carmen (Self-Titled LP Record) 5. I Was Born To Love You 6. Tonight You're Mine 7. Tonight You're Mine (Japanese Re-issue w/ extra tracks) 8. Boats Against The Current/Change Of Heart 9. She Did It/Someday (45 RPM single) (2 copies) (1 is my mom's which i took from her and 1 is mine that i got @ a record store) The Raspberries collection: 1. The Raspberries - Fresh 2. The Raspberries Live On Sunset Strip (Deluxe Version) 3. The Raspberries (Self-Titled LP Record) I need more Raspberries. If you're list is too long and u don't feel like typing it all down, take a picture of the collection that u own.
  7. Wow! I guess that person didn't appreciate this wonderful book. I've read Marathon Man 3 times and i would never write a review like that! I luv Marathon Man, i'd say it was the best book that i've ever read. Bernie, u did a wonderful job writing Marathon Man, i give it 5 stars. Someone who writes reviews like that about a book obviously doesn't appreciate the gift of reading. Hopefully no one takes advice from that customer. -Ralyssa
  8. Good one!!! Is it just me or does that lonely guy look a little like Richard Marx?
  9. "Someone please, pick a different song!" That's the best line from this commercial, LOL!!! Awesome commercial, thaxns 4 sharing!
  10. Aww, i wannna go!!! But i don't think my mom would be willing to drive me all the way to New Jersey. If i do go my identity would be revealed, LOL!!! But that is awesome, i will definitely look into this event.
  11. OMG, i luv Richard Marx he's one of the best singers ever!!! Look on Ebay u might find his new CD there.
  12. As u know, Kid Rock paid a visit to my school yesterday which was like so totally cool!!! Here are a couple of videos that i would like to show u.
  13. This is a little hard to see but it says WELCOME HOME KID ROCK!
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